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[단독]Player mocking the opposing team coach. Disciplinary action is inevitable in a bunch of short track

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Shim Seok-hee (white hat) sprinting in the women’s general team 1500m final at the 36th presidential boat nationwide short track speed skating competition held at the Uijeongbu indoor ice market in Gyeonggi-do last month.[연합뉴스]

[스포츠서울 성백유전문기자]“Do you guys enjoy playing games?”

In a short track game, there was an unprecedented occurrence where a player mocked at the coach box and pointed his finger again. It is expected to have a big wave as it happened ahead of the national team selection for the Beijing Olympics.

Park Ji-won (25) of the Seoul City Hall fell down with Park In-wook of Daejeon Metropolitan City who lost her center and fell during the 1000m semi-final game of the Men’s General Championships held at the Mokdong Indoor Ice Center on the 16th. Afterwards, Park Ji-won, who was angry, quarreled with the coaches of the rival team, and the leaders in the coach’s seats screamed at Ji-won Park.

In a phone call with Bonji, Baek Guk-gun coach, who is instructing Park In-wook, said, “Park Ji-won stared at the coach’s seat and said,’You’re having fun with the game.’ In a short track game, the player scolded it because it wasn’t the attitude he could do toward the coach of the opposing team.” The back coach received a warning (yellow card) from the referee (referee), but after excitement, it was reported that he went to the stand and cursed. Eventually, the back coach was sent off (red card).

Seoul Metropolitan Government Director Yoon Jae-myung said, “The back coach just cursed Park Ji-won. Park Ji-won did not curse other team leaders.” Director Yoon was also warned. However, Park Ji-won, the person who caused the problem, was only a verbal warning, the weakest discipline. Park Ji-won later apologized to the coaches.

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Goyang-si coach Kim Min-jeong was also warned while arguing with Park Ji-won. Coach Kim said, “Even though there were no intentional fouls during the race, Park Ji-won responded sensitively. He even pointed at us.”

Referee Choi Yong-gu, who was in charge of the men’s game on this day, said, “The game proceeded normally without any foul or collusion. I was wearing headphones, so I couldn’t tell what kind of conversation was coming and going. The issue of additional disciplinary action is a matter to be decided by the Federation.”

The Korean Ice Skating Federation’s disciplinary action is inevitable due to the inundation of disciplinary action such as exits and warnings during the game.

Meanwhile, the Korea Ice Skating Federation is planning to strict the leaders and players who caused the problem. Kim Hong-sik, senior vice president of the Federation, said, “As it is a disciplinary matter, we plan to deal with it according to the regulations.” According to the regulations of the Korea Ice Skating Federation, athletes and officials who are warned at the competition are required to take additional disciplinary action by the Fair Committee.

Short track competition is a game in which fierce struggles take place. So, players are not allowed to protest directly. Violation of this will result in confiscation of the results of the competition.

After hearing this news, short track leaders are taking action in a group. The leaders said, “It is not allowed for a player to gaze at the coach box and scorn at other leaders, and even after the game is over, passing by the coach box and pointing at the coaches and mocking the coaches is an act that should not be done on the short track. The coach gets a red card, and it’s not fair to say that the player who caused the problem was only given a verbal warning.”

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