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Rat (child)

▶Please respect the opinions of children even if they are a parent-child relationship born in 36 years. The family will be harmonious.
▶ I was born in 48 and there is joy as if I found something I lost. But you have to take care of your health.
▶ Don’t think about big money born in the 60’s. It is possible to achieve results in the early stages, so it is absolutely not recommended to be overzealous.
▶Dive into the crowds of people born in 1972 and run into them. You can get good results.
▶Born in 1984 On the surface, he seems to have good financial luck, but he has to manage his expenses well.

Ox (丑)

▶You should not speak and act because you are only tied to your thoughts as a 37-year-old. Consider the other side’s point of view first.
▶You can pay off a thousand nyang debt with a handi-di at the end of the year 49. If you say nice and kind words, you will be happy.
▶If you are born in 61 and act wisely, you may find yourself in a frustrating situation, so please change your mind.
▶I was born in 1973, but there is a lot of stress, but if I serve first and set an example, I can make my own side.
▶ I was born in 1985. Today is Gilwoon. If you practice not too much, you can get good results.

zodiac (寅)

▶38 years old There are gains coming in and losses going out, but it is a better day for gains.
▶If you are born in your 50s, look at what the other person wants rather than what you want. joy arises.
▶ You can gain popularity around people born in 1962. Instead, I have to do things clearly today.
▶ Born in 1974 If you start a new job, you may be worried, so please take it easy and take it easy.
▶ People who were born in 1986 are envious of others, but it can be a heavy responsibility for me, so make a cool decision.

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Rabbit (卯)

▶It is a day of comfort as if a warm wind was blowing. Rest your mind and body.
▶51 years old, too optimistic and complacency is not allowed. We have to face reality and deal with it.
▶Born in 63 The beginning is good and the driving force is good, but the finish is not good, so you have to focus on the finish.
▶ Born in 1975 It seems like a no-brainer, but it actually brings good benefits, so be patient.
▶Born in 1987 As much as I worked hard, it was a good day to earn money and be recognized by my colleagues.

Dragon (辰)

▶ I am very lucky to be born in my 40s. But don’t trust too much and go with what you can afford.
▶ Clearly distinguish between public and private affairs born in 52. Getting involved in unnecessary things causes problems.
▶ Born in 64 Today, act diligently and diligently as usual. Money will come to you.
▶ I was born in 1976, and pleasant things happen. If you act with excitement, you will make a mistake, so you need to be calm.
▶ Born in 1988, now we have to work together. You have to join hands with people you don’t like.

Snake (巳)

▶You can turn a 41-year-old crisis into an opportunity. If you practice with a positive mindset, the results are good.
▶ Born in 53, the difficulties of now can be overcome enough. A like-minded person will help.
▶If you were born in 65, you may be mistaken. If you make an improvised decision, you may regret it.
▶ Born in 1977 It’s a very competitive day. Don’t stress yourself out by bumping into each other, and try to push yourself in moderation.
▶ I was born in 1989 and can have a happy smile. Good things can last a long time when shared.

horse belt

▶ There may be friction between families born in 42. How about I try to play the central role today?
▶ There is an unexpected property damage that was born in 54 years old. Paying attention to everything makes things better.
▶ Born in 66 On the surface, it looked like a lot of profit, but in reality, it is worrying, so it is better to let go of desire.
▶If you were born in 1978, dissatisfied expressions can create gossip, so try to say something positive and hopeful.
▶ In a romantic relationship born in 1990, do not misunderstand or distort it, and accept it as it is.

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Sheep (未)

▶ 43-year-old is wasting time and money on unnecessary things, so check it carefully and manage it thoroughly.
▶If you are born in 55, take care of the small things more meticulously. It sounds trivial, but there is something substantial about it.
▶ Pay more attention to families born in 67. If you communicate through dialogue, you will be at peace.
▶ Born in 1979, don’t give up because of hard work. There may be a breakthrough, and an opportunity for reversal may come.
▶ Born in 1991 Treat people with positive thoughts and a smiling face. The aura of good fortune improves.

Monkey (申)

▶Be born in 44, have confidence. Things are going in a positive direction and great opportunities will arise.
▶I was born in 56 and I could suffer the same, so please refrain from insulting others even if you are angry.
▶If you were born in 1968 and hate remains in your heart, you will suffer. Let go of all hate.
▶If you are born in the 80s and have to make an important decision, you should ask for help and advice from an experienced person.
▶If you were born in 1992, think of anything from the other person’s point of view. You can get good results.

Rooster (酉)

▶ I was born in 45 and today’s luck is very good. It will be rewarding as it goes in the direction you want it to go.
▶ Take time for yourself, who was born in 57. It is good to pray and it is good to take a break.
▶Born in 69 My body rhythm is better than usual. It can also produce good results.
▶If you are born in 1981, do not hesitate and try to be active. You can achieve as much as you put in effort.
▶ Born in 1993, I have a precious relationship. It’s a happy day because we are lovers who understand each other well.

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Dog (戌)

▶ Born in 46, those around you know and help out the efforts you have been making. I got good results.
▶It’s good to point out what’s wrong with the 58-year-old, but try to deliver a message of courage and support.
▶If you are not sure or not prepared for the 70th birthday, put off the challenge of a new job until later.
▶ Born in 1982 If you do nothing because your thoughts are too deep, conflicts will only deepen, so try it today.
▶ Opportunities born in 1994 do not come often. If you think it’s a good opportunity, take it boldly.

Pig (亥)

▶ The atmosphere around the 47-year-old is noisy and confusing. Never get caught up in the atmosphere.
▶ Since you were born in 59, you may have difficult situations, so you should not get involved in other people’s affairs and discuss right or wrong.
▶If you were born in 1971, if the rhythm is broken, you can get sick.
▶ Born in 1983 It is important to be honest, but study the situation and expression carefully before speaking and acting.
▶ Consumption expenditures born in 1995 need to be managed, but it is okay to be daring to invest for your own development.

Source: Provided by The Saju Instagram (fortune-telling)


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