[데일리투데이] Go Ara, 4 new profiles released… ‘natural-mature’ charm

▲ King Kong by Starship

[데일리투데이 황소현 기자] Go Ara caught the eye with a new profile.

On the 27th, Starship’s King Kong agency released several profile pictures of actress Go Ara.

In the published photos, Go Ara fixes her gaze with two clashing charms. He adds a natural feel with a checked patterned jacket, a white top, and a disheveled natural hairstyle. In addition, the coral color makeup upgrades Go Ara’s unique gorgeous and bright charm.

In the following photos, Go Ara creates a luxurious atmosphere with a black dress and gold accessories.

Not only that, but also the maturity is buried in the deep eyes looking at the camera. As such, Go Ara is said to have perfectly digested various concepts in the shooting position and completed A-cuts in an instant.

Go Ah-ra’s concave images as well as solid acting skills have drawn attention in every work in which she has appeared. After he recently signed an exclusive contract with Starship’s King Kong, he raised fans’ expectations to the max by announcing active activities. As a result, attention is focused on Go Ara’s future acting career.

Meanwhile, Go Ara is currently reviewing her next project.


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