[동영상] TL, when I tried it with a pad, the UI changed completely!

NC started beta testing Throne & Liberty on the 24th! TL has many advantages, such as continuous worlds and dungeons that change according to the weather and environment, and free classes that are determined by the user’s choice. Among them, one thing was particularly surprising.

The point is that TL recognizes gamepads too. After connecting the pad, the UI has completely changed! This is good news for pad-savvy users.

You can move forward, sideways, or backward by moving the left analog stick, and you can change the point of view by adjusting the right analog stick.

Double tap the left analog stick to unleash your wild powers and sprint! You can also use the skills registered in the quick slot by pressing the cross arrow keys. Ohh! When connecting the gamepad, the mouse is not recognized, but the keyboard is recognized.

In addition to this, you can play the game for the touchpad by changing the type Options > Accessibility > HUD to touchpad. The interface changes significantly according to the device you play on, so you can enjoy the game more comfortably by customizing it to your liking!

TL, when I tried it with a pad, the UI changed completely!

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