[라이프케TV] It is not anti-cancer drugs that make new buds sprout, but the efforts of the patient

▲ Professor Ha Tae-guk (President of Cosy Hanmam Nursing Hospital). ⓒLifein

“Metabolic therapy is not a substitute for chemotherapy. It can be seen as the best way to combine it. When cancer patients or their families ask for advice about whether or not to go ahead with chemotherapy, I say, ‘Treatment of cancer.’ ” Treatment is to put out a big fire However, it is not an anti-cancer drug at all to put out the remaining fire or to make healthy shoots come up from the burnt ground It is not something a doctor can hospital do it for you. to make yourself.'”

“Metabolic therapy is very significant in presenting what patients should do” (Professor Ha Tae-guk)

Lifein plans and produces ‘Life Care TV’ with the iN Life Care Heterogeneous Cooperatives Association to promote public health.

In Season 2, ‘Conversation with Authors’, following Season 1’s ‘Point of Omniscient Cancer Prevention’, 6 books relating to cancer and chronic diseases are selected, and authors or translators are invited to take a closer look at the content of the books through a Q&A .

the first book <암은 대사질환이다>As a translator, we speak with Professor Ha Tae-guk (family medicine specialist, director of Cosy Hanmam Nursing Hospital).

Continuing from the previous video, Professor Ha Tae-guk explains ketone (a by-product produced when fat is converted to glucose) which improves the effectiveness of metabolic treatment from the perspective of ‘cancer is a metabolic disease’.

When suggesting a ketogenic diet, ▲ increased vegetable, vegetable and fat intake ▲ obesity risks ▲ fasting effects are magnified.

Advice on diet, such as the need to improve lifestyle through self-reflection, is also added.

More details can be seen in the video below.

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