[랜선핫이슈] Men who smoked cigarettes in elevators, exasperated examinees by phone call by Huh Kyung-young, men who lost weight from 609kg to 63kg

“Smoking in the elevator…”

Nude smokers stuffed into apartment notices

▲ (Community Capture)

▲ (Community Capture)

Apartment notices with images of men who smoked cigarettes without wearing masks on the elevators of the apartment building are a hot topic.

On the 30th, an article was posted on an online community with the title ‘Our apartment’s fundamentals’.

There is no text in this article and only one photo of the apartment notice is attached. This notice contains the appearance of three men caught on an elevator CC (closed circuit) TV. They were smoking in the elevator without a mask.

Below the CCTV photo, in red text, ‘Elevators are absolutely non-smoking. Wearing a mask is mandatory when using the elevator’.

Below it, in black text, ‘Acts that harm neighbors through selfish actions are subject to condemnation. The damage that can be caused by smoking in an enclosed space and not wearing a mask is by no means small.

Netizens criticized the smokers who smoked in the elevator, such as “Amazing” and “Is there only smoke in your head?”

“I thought it was an additional pass call…”

Students angry at Huh Kyung-young’s phone call

▲ (Newsis)

▲ (Newsis)

The registration of those who passed the regular admission for the 2022 academic year has been completed. Regarding the registration of additional successful candidates, it is said that the phone calls from the National Revolutionary Party presidential candidate Huh Kyung-young to encourage indiscriminate voting caused the anger of the students.

According to an education official on the 30th, major universities are announcing the final registration by phone until the end of this month, but there are cases where the candidates are confused because of Candidate Heo’s excessive phone calls encouraging them to vote.

Candidate Huh is making a 10-second call to encourage voting to unspecified people ahead of the presidential election in March next year. The phone number starts with ’02’, the Seoul area code. It is said that this area code confused the applicants who were waiting for additional admission to universities in Seoul area.

Through an online community, the students who suffered damage complained, “I have cleared my mind, but I got caught on the phone by Heo Kyung-young” and “It feels like I’ve been between cold and hot water.” Similar to the time when Heo Kyung-young called, there were some test takers who received an additional pass call and could not receive the additional pass call.

There is no way to penalize or regulate Candidate Huh’s phone calls. Article 58 of the Public Official Election Act stipulates that “anyone may engage in an act soliciting participation in voting.” Candidate Huh did not ask to support him over the phone, so he said he was merely ‘inviting him to participate in voting’.

“What would have happened without the King…”

Saudi man loses 546 kg

▲ (Youtube channel News Flash - Sound of Hope video capture)

▲ (Youtube channel News Flash – Sound of Hope video capture)

A Saudi Arabian man who weighed 609 kg but lost 546 kg over the years and was reborn to 63 kg is a hot topic.

According to British local media such as The Sun on the 28th (local time), a Saudi young man, Khalid Mohsen al-Shaeri, was transferred to King Fahd Medical City, Saudi Arabia’s top medical facility, in 2013. This was done with the support of Abdullah, the then king. King Abdullah decided to help al-Shaeri’s story of being unable to get out of bed for three years because of his heavy weight. King Abdullah died two years later, in 2015, missing Al Shaeri after losing weight.

It is said that special cranes, lifts, and planes for transport were used to transport Al Shaeri, along with 30 medical staff. Al Shaeri was taken to the hospital and started treatment with a combination of physical therapy and diet. Through this, he lost 150kg in 3 months, and after undergoing abdominal fat removal surgery, he lost weight up to 300kg in 5 months.

Al Shaeri has since been reborn as a weight of 60kg, which has lost a total of 540kg in 2017 after steady efforts and treatment. After skin resection that year, she has maintained her weight without any surgery.



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