[마감] KOSPI succeeds in rebounding on foreign and institutional buying… 2970 line recovery

On the display board of the dealing room of Hana Bank Myeongdong branch in Jung-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of the 6th, the KOSPI index showed an increase of 4.92 points (0.17%) from the previous trading day to 2973.25. / Photo = News 1

The KOSPI closed higher at the 2,970 level thanks to the simultaneous buying by foreigners and institutions.

On the 6th, the KOSPI closed at 2973.25, up 4.92 points (0.17%) from the previous trading day. In the KOSPI market that day, foreigners and institutions net bought 58.2 billion won and 98.3 billion won, respectively, and individuals net sold 170.4 billion won.

The top stocks by market cap on the KOSPI are mixed. Samsung Electronics (0.93%) SK Hynix (0.42%) Samsung Biologics (0.11%) Samsung Electronics Woo (1.59%) Samsung SDI (0.87%) Hyundai Motor (0.24%) and Kia (1.70%) rose. LG Chem (0.00%) closed flat, while NAVER (-2.49%) and Kakao (-2.02%) fell.

The KOSDAQ index closed at 991.87, down 6.60 points (0.66%) from the previous trading day. On that day, individuals net bought 377 billion won, while foreigners and institutions net sold 257.3 billion won and 121.4 billion won, respectively.

Most of the top stocks on the KOSDAQ market fell. Only Alteogen (9.77%) rose. SK Materials (0.00%) closed flat, Celltrion Healthcare (-2.53%) EcoproBM (-4.53%) Pearl Abyss (-2.46%) L&F (-3.98%) Kakao Games (-5.25%) Wemade (-10.23) %) Celltrion Pharm (-2.04%) and HLB (-3.57%) fell.

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