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[문화][이슈인사이드] BTS wins AMA Grand Prize… Will they receive military service benefits this time?

by news dir
■ Host: Anchor Jinwon Kang, Anchor Sangyeon Park
■ Cast: Kim Young-dae / Music Critic

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BTS wrote a new history again. Following the Grand Prize at the American Music Awards, it is also expected to win a Grammy Award. On the other hand, with this award as an opportunity, attention is focused on whether BTS will benefit from military service.

The National Assembly will soon begin discussing relevant laws. Let’s talk about it with Kim Young-dae, a music critic. welcome.




Critic, is the American Music Awards such a great award?


That’s right. In the United States, there are commonly referred to as the 3rd and 4th awards ceremony. The most widely known are the Grammys, which were first created in 59.

And the American Music Awards, established in 1973, has the second longest history. It is an awards ceremony that selects the hottest and most popular artists and songs in the American industry, often Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, etc. You can think of it as an awards ceremony passed through by singers you may know.


You won in all three categories including the grand prize at such an awards ceremony, right?


That’s right. We received the Artist of the Year, which we often refer to as the subject. In addition to that, I received two more awards. In fact, it is said that the United States has a 100-year history in the popular music industry.

It is the first time that a non-American artist or a non-English speaking artist has been nominated for such a prestigious Artist of the Year nomination, but it is the first time that he has received this award. I think it’s a very historic event in that the faces of iKON were occupied by artists other than themselves.


Graphics are also coming out in this regard. As you can see now, if you look at the faces of the competitors, there are many prominent stars. Among these, winning an award is so meaningful, isn’t it?


Yes. The American Music Awards is the same as the awards ceremony, but if you look at them, you will know all the names. Dua Lipa, Dojacat and Olivia Rodrigo are often called the best rookies of the year.

The songs of these singers are songs that have been on the radio since the end of last year and have been on the radio this year, so many people are familiar with them.

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There was butter among those songs, and through the popularity of the song, it achieved success at the American Music Awards, which places the highest value on the masses. It is truly an achievement in the middle of the American mainstream, and it can be evaluated as a splendid achievement.


Where does the charm of BTS, the power of BTS’ popularity come from?


I don’t know what you think, but popularity cannot be described in one word. But I have great music and great performances, but I think it’s more than that, it’s a kind of human charm that keeps me interested.

So, the personalities and appearances they usually show are reflected in their music, and such consistency and sincerity are the forces that make the public continue to support, support, and interest BTS.


The only thing that remains to be seen is whether or not to ride to the Grammys. However, in the case of the American Music Awards, which was won this time, it is aimed at general fans, but in the case of the Grammys, it is said that it is for experts in the music industry.

In a way, the voters are different. Any chance of winning?


The nominees and winners are decided by the members of an organization called the Record Academy, but in fact, there is a difficult aspect to that extent. Because you have to earn some trust or recognition from them. But it is true that it is ripe now.

In many ways, a good environment is being created for BTS, and now, this year, no one has left undeniable public achievements, so I think the timing is notable enough for them.
So I personally. It’ll be announced tomorrow anyway, but I don’t think the record part of the year called General Field deserves a nomination, and other than that, it’s early this year.
Possibility of being nominated once again in the pop duo group category that was nominated but did not receive an award. I even predict the award.


Now that the timing is ripe, if you ask an additional question, they say that the Grammy Awards voters have been mainly composed of white male-dominated American pop music, but they have strengthened the diversity of breadth a lot. This aspect is also advantageous for BTS, right?


I said that now, but Record Academy has been thinking a lot lately. So, one of the decisions we made, let’s expand the judges in various ways.

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So, it is analyzed that the female class and various races enter and are actually very friendly towards K-pop or BTS. There is one such aspect, and the process of candidate selection, which was carried out in a secret room, that is, preliminary candidate selection, has been eliminated this time.

It is predicted that such a thing will also serve as an advantage for BTS.


Whether or not he will be on the shortlist will be announced tomorrow morning from our point of view. It is an expected situation. Now, the question of military service is probably as interesting as whether it will win a Grammy or not.

Right now, the eldest brother, Jin, has to enlist by the end of next year. There are also opinions like this, should we be given special military service privileges as much as we have promoted national prestige with K-pop? How should we view it?


They have always maintained the position that they will go whenever the state calls them, and it is called the appraisal method. It doesn’t seem that much different from the point that it is okay to give benefits to all citizens when they become BTS.

However, the question is whether this will be a one-time benefit given to BTS or whether it will develop into a benefit for pop culture artists that has been discussed to some extent in the meantime. However, if these laws are made, it will surely lead to a variety of people seeing such benefits, but what is the standard in that case?

We’re not going to deny anyone about BTS right now. However, it is a very difficult part about which artists other than BTS must pass what standards to receive the benefits.

This is a world star called BTS. Korea made it. There is such a concern that it will act as a burden, a shackle for such a star.


Critic, isn’t the military service issue a sensitive issue in our society regarding equity and fairness? However, as you said, a social consensus on the standard must be formed.
Sports stars, in this case, have their own standards, such as winning a medal in the Olympics or winning a medal in a specific international competition. In particular, in the case of pop culture and artists, wouldn’t it be difficult to establish the standard itself?

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Yes. Actually, that’s what I said. No one will deny the achievements of BTS, and most people will probably agree with the issue related to BTS’ special military service.

But those things are an excuse that they are actually BTS. I don’t know how to express it. If we were to take advantage of BTS and use this situation to make it easier for others to receive military service benefits, it wouldn’t be the case.

It would be difficult for a lot of the public or the people to sympathize with such a thing. There are concerns about this.


If so, what is the purpose of the amendment to the Military Service Act currently being discussed in the National Assembly and what stage is it currently at?


I don’t know exactly about that. There are a lot of opinions now that various groups should discuss special military service for pop culture artists. In fact, I know that many people, including the Minister of Culture, have expressed in the past that this is difficult because of this standard.

So I don’t know exactly what the situation is.


In some ways, it seems that there are many opinions that the formation of a social consensus should precede the military service issue because it is a national concern. Finally, let me ask you this additional question.

With BTS, isn’t the status of K-culture content growing internationally? In particular, following the Netflix Squid Game, the drama Hell is becoming a hot topic all over the world. What could be the source of that power?


I think it’s universal. In fact, if you watch K-dramas or K-pop that are gaining popularity right now, the same goes for movies. In a way, it contains very Korean emotions and Korean stories.

In the past, we did not know that such things would become world-class content, but now, with beautiful construction and such trendy senses, in fact, many foreigners are moved by just solving our stories, contradictions and conflicts in our society naturally. I’m doing it.

I don’t think it’s Hallyu in the real sense. So, in the future, I think we are actually at a point where people around the world pay attention just because it came out of Korea and made by Koreans, rather than in any exceptional case.


All right. So far, we have talked with Kim Young-dae, a music critic. Thank you for your words today.


thank you.

YTN Kim Young-dae ([email protected])


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