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[문화]BTS has become a ‘world brand’… It has penetrated the American music market properly

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BTS, which took the top spot on the US Billboard Hot 100 four times in a row, has established itself as a global brand.

What were the factors that were able to successfully penetrate the world’s largest music market, the United States?

Reporter Hye-eun Kim reports.


BTS recently launched a ‘BTS Set’ in partnership with a global fast food company.

This set is being enjoyed in 50 countries around the world, including Korea, the US, Hong Kong, and the UK.

[김미옥 / 방탄소년단 팬 : 방탄소년단이 맥도날드랑 컬래버한다고 해서 일 년 만에 맥도날드 와서.]

For the first time in its 54-year history, American music magazine ‘Rolling Stone’ has featured an Asian group, BTS, on the cover.

It means that BTS has become a universally accepted brand around the world.

It reached the top of the Billboard Hot 100 four times and successfully settled in the American music market.

BTS has three debut songs at number 1, and fewer than ten singers have more than three songs in Billboard history, including Ariana Grande and Drake.

BTS’ most powerful force is music sales.

Streaming was only half of the second song of ‘Hot 100’, but the download amount was 14 times higher.

In the beginning, there was a view that the fandom distorted the charts, but now the American music industry is paying attention.

[이규탁 / 한국조지메이슨대 교양학부 교수 : 미국 산업에서의 직접적 지원이 아니라 팬들의 힘으로 미국 및 글로벌 음악산업계에서 큰 힘을 차지하게 됐는데요, 그들이 이루고자 하고 원하는 바를 같이 반영하고 이야기해줄 수 있는 그런 하나의 문화현상으로서.]

The rising number of streaming and radio broadcasts also shows that it has entered the mainstream of the world’s largest pop market.

In the US music industry, which has recently been deeply troubled, BTS is now becoming a new model for the music industry beyond a ‘popular phenomenon’.

YTN Kim Hye-eun[[email protected]]is.

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