[문화]Golden Globe Award Winner Oh Young-soo’s ‘Last Session’ ticket burns out

The play ‘The Last Session’, starring Oh Young-soo, the first Korean actor to receive the Golden Globe Award for Best Acting, is very popular.

If you look at the Performing Arts Integrated Computer Network of the Arts Management Support Center, ‘Last Session’ took first place in the theater reservation rankings on the 10th and the next day, the 11th, the day on which Oh Young-soo won the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor.

It rose from 4th place on the 8th and 9th, the weekend just before the award, to 1st place at once.

The reservation rate for ‘Last Session’ was high thanks to the cast with proven acting skills, such as Oh Young-soo and Shin Goo, but with the Golden Globe Awards ceremony, the reservation fever became even hotter.

The production company Park Company said, “Currently, the January appearances are almost sold out, and the reservations for the performances from February 8 to March 6, which opened on the 10th, are also increasing rapidly.”

Oh Young-soo, who appeared on the first stage on the 8th, said that he was happy and precious that this time that he could focus on for the theater stage through the production company was precious and that he would do his best so that the time of the audience would not be wasted.

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