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[문화]”Voice that echoed by the judges” Baritone Ki-Hoon Kim recital

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Baritone Kim Ki-hoon, who became the first Korean to win the aria section of the BBC’s Cardiff Vocal Competition, will hold a recital.

In addition, a classical festival that can be enjoyed not only in the actual performance hall but also in the metaverse space is held.

Reporter Ki Jeong-hoon reports.


“It sounds like a Rolls Royce.”

The British Guardian compared the baritone Kim Ki-hoon to a luxury car.

Last June, she won the BBC Cardiff Singer of the World, the world’s most prestigious vocal competition.

Ki-Hoon Kim is the first Korean to win the aria category, the main prize of this contest.

In particular, two judges, including world-famous singer Roberta Alexander, shed tears after hearing Ki-Hoon Kim’s aria.

[김기훈 / 바리톤 : (처음엔 믿지 않았는데 동료 참가자가) 영상을 저한테 딱 보여주는 거예요. 그런데 심사위원이 눈물을 또르르 흘리면서 그걸 닦고 있더라고요. 그걸 보고 나서 알았어요. 심사위원이 울었다는 걸.]

In the recital to commemorate the victory, 15 arias will be sung in total, including that song, an aria from Korngold’s opera.

The young singer who was recognized on the world stage by placing second place in the Tchaikovsky Competition and the Operalia Competition earlier did not hide her dream.

[김기훈 / 바리톤 : 소프라노 하면 조수미 선생님이 가장 먼저 생각나듯이 바리톤 하면 제가 가장 먼저 생각나는 사람이고 싶습니다.]

Sejong Soloists, selected as one of the world’s best ensembles by CNN in the US, prepared a classical festival.

Five unique stages await classical enthusiasts, including a concert opera and a concert stage featuring world-class artists such as David Chan of the Met Opera Orchestra and Frank Hwang of the New York Philharmonic.

In particular, in the field of classical music, for the first time in the cyberspace, Metaverse, we are trying new changes by making it possible to watch performances in real time.

This is YTN Ki Jeong-hoon.

YTN Ki Jeong-hoon ([email protected])

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