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[문화]What Hanbok to Chinese Games?…’Hanbok Keeper’ Confronting the Northeast Project

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Hanbok in the Qing Dynasty Background Chinese Games… There is no name for’Hanbok’
Hanbok Appears Among Chinese Traditional Costumes “Concerned about Distortion”
Active hanbok promotion events to prevent’Hanbok Northeast Fair’


Recently, in cultural contents created by China, the so-called’Hanbok Northeast Process’, which calls Hanbok as Chinese clothes, has frequently appeared.

In response to this, we are also making various attempts to dissolve hanbok into our daily lives.

Reporter Kim Hye-eun reports.


This is a game where you change your character’s clothes against the backdrop of the Chinese Qing Dynasty Imperial Family.

Hanbok is included among traditional Chinese costumes.

In another Chinese game, you can easily meet Hanbok.

There is a great concern that Hanbok will be embedded in Chinese history and instill a false perception that it is their own costume.

[서경덕 / 성신여대 교양학부 교수 : (중국이) 한복이 한국의 전통 의상임을 인정하는 게 우선이라는 생각이 들고요. 이거는 빨리 잘못된 부분을 지적해서 막아야 하는 그런 상황이라고 판단합니다.]

Efforts to’promote hanbok’ to prevent the Northeastern Hanbok process are also being actively promoted.

From the indigenous hanbok from the Three Kingdoms to the Joseon Dynasty, and newly transformed hanboks are on the stage.

[함은정 / 한복 디자이너 : (배자) 깃 모양을 살려서 볼레로처럼 제작한 것이고, 이런 옷들은 언제 어디서든 편안하게 입을 수 있고 관리하기 편안하게.]

There are also many hanboks that became wedding dresses.

It is a great dress that can be attached to the body just by changing the fabric or imitating the Daeryebok worn by the queen of the Joseon Dynasty.

Against the Northeastern Hanbok Fair, these Hanbok fashion shows are widening the road.

[정사무엘 / 한복모델선발대회 총감독 : 세계 각국의 우리 문화원이나 대사관을 통해서 한복 패션쇼, 또는 한복 전시를 통해서 문화외교활동을 이어나갈 준비를 하고 있습니다.]

There was also an experience event to try on traditional hanbok.

You can even dress up as a king and queen and leave them as photos.

Hanbok also appeared on Hollywood movie posters.

It is a picture of Emma Stone and Emma Thompson in hanbok to promote’Cruella’.

As China’s attacks on hanbok intensify, efforts to protect hanbok are getting stronger.

YTN Kim Hye-eun[[email protected]]is.

[저작권자(c) YTN & YTN plus 무단전재 및 재배포 금지]


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