[미리보는 경제] “Who’s next?”

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The world’s three largest cryptocurrency exchanges, which made 20-year-old computer programming geniuses rich, went bankrupt last week.

Since then, the cryptocurrency market has been in a nervous atmosphere, as predictive reports predict who will be next.

Exchanges in Korea are also responding by revealing their assets in real time.

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Sam Bankman-Fried, the founder of the digital currency exchange FTX, was 29 years old, with a fortune of over 30 trillion won.

After the Terra-Luna event this spring, it invests a large amount to revive the cryptocurrency market, which was on the verge of sinking, and even enjoys a reputation similar to JPMorgan, which was “saving the financial market the United States from the Great Depression.”

However, in less than half a year, he lost all his possessions.

The debt is up to 66 trillion won, and the financial authorities of the United States are eager to investigate.

The influence of shooting ads with stars like Shohei Ohtani and Tim Bradley, and inviting international figures like former US President Clinton and former British Prime Minister Blair, was also useless.

The investment company made a loss, and to hide it, he sought the help of an exchange he set up.

At this time, it was discovered that the user had also touched the assets entrusted to him, and even the exchange went bankrupt.

If the market is bad, you may lose your investment, but the sudden illegal aid led to bankruptcy.

The relationship between lending and borrowing money, investing and receiving investment is so intricately intertwined that it is unknown to what extent it is connected, and the cryptocurrency market continues to run a ticking time bomb that it is not known when and where to explode.

Executives borrowed more than 5 trillion in company money without documents, and employees were lax enough to request expenses via messenger chat and get approved with emoticons.

The atmosphere has become so bad that there is a list of digital currencies that will go bankrupt in the next order on the market.

Domestic exchanges were also busy preparing countermeasures.

He has even found an exchange that carefully examines the trading volume reports of leading Korean coins and reveals its holdings in real time, which were previously disclosed quarterly.

It is a preventive measure to calm anxiety.

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“Stakeholders also talk a lot about social responsibility. I saw that there was a risk in disclosing the financial status, but rather than that, it should be seen as a way of giving some peace of mind (to consumers).”

The analysis that the virtual currency market does not account for a large share of the overall financial market yet, so that it will not spread throughout the market, including the stock market, is still dominant.

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