[미리보는 이데일리 신문] Loan companies are also on the doorstep, and ordinary people are driven into debt.


[이데일리 김예린 기자]The following is the main news of the Edaily newspaper on the 24th.

△1 side

– Loan companies are also open to the door, and ordinary people are driven into debt.

– Currency fear… “If this is the case, 1350 won will be broken”

– In the days when the Democratic Party’s ‘budget is full’

– Supply up to 100,000 more households by increasing the floor area ratio of the 3rd new city

– [사설] President’s ‘resurrection of nuclear power plants’ is different from the opposition, did you not hear the corporate cry?

– [사설] Monkey pox landing… No more loopholes in quarantine and vaccine setbacks

△ Comprehensive

– [궁즉답] Why do stock prices go down every Monday?

– Former Deputy Prime Minister of Economy, Josun Cho, Keynes of Korea, Seoul Pocheongcheon and even the major power runners… Economics ‘white rice’

– “The 70kg tire is also great… The maintenance process to find the answer, a great reward”

△ ‘The fear of R’ in the financial market

– It will come down to 1280 won in the fourth quarter. VC will continue until the first half of next year

– This year’s market cap has evaporated by 520 trillion… “The worst possible 2050”

– Foreign ‘Cell Korea’… ‘5,311.6 billion won’ was thrown in this month alone

△ Controversy over ‘budget tightness’ in politics

– The tyranny of the majority party… Democrats interfere with the ‘government budgeting right’ set by the Constitution

– Of the 5.5 trillion won in budget cuts this year, 1.1 trillion is ‘closed room review’

– “It is desirable to activate the deliberative function rather than the National Assembly, involved in budgeting”

△ Deepening ‘Shadow of Debt’

– Bankruptcy after blocking loans… The number of applications for 2030 increases due to the coin and stock crash

– End of Corona financial support in September… “More bankruptcy”

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– “Preemptive support for vulnerable borrowers”… Financial Services Commission, TF launched

△ The growing music IP market

– Split the music and invest in the fund… Fans will also take care of ‘IU’ IP revenue for 70 years

– Compete with music copyright ‘long tail strategy’

– “I can keep sticking with the music I pursue”

△ Comprehensive

– In the end, I chose the easy way… Promotion of high-density development of the 3rd new city

– 52-hour week ‘overtime work’ major surgery More if you work a lot, less if you don’t

– [이슈분석] Domestic landing monkey pox ‘A to Z’

– Controversy over personnel appointments…尹 “A major national flag disorder”

△ Economy

– “It is forbidden to overconfidence in nuclear power plants… We need to work hard to develop renewable energy.”

– Accelerating regulatory reform… First achievement of next month

– 10,890 won vs 9160 won… Next year’s minimum wage clash

– Government “Eradication of Voice Phishing”… Establishment of integrated reporting and investigation center


– Lee Jun-seok’s leadership, who could not get rid of the suspicion and became ‘dead-end’ again… Intensifying internal conflict between the people’s power

– Has Lee Jae-myung made up his mind to run for the squadron? Expansion of intra-party skinship

– 與 “The indicator of distortion of the incineration of the corpse is Joo-Seok Seo”

– 尹, ‘hard work’ in preparation for the NATO summit… “I will die for the national interest”

– Presidential Office, new communication channel ‘People’s Proposal’ established… 100% real name system

△ Finance

– Disappeared after a month… The disappearance of ‘3% Judamdae’

– Lee Bok-hyun, pointed out by government finance… “Banks are responsible for public functions”

– The government dispatches a ‘virtual asset countermeasure team’ to the US

– Financial authorities approve ‘Self-normalization plan’ in preparation for financial crisis

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△ Global

– Powell first admits ‘recession is possible’… Will the ‘complex crisis’ become a reality?

– Biden congressional experts who brought up ‘fuel tax exemption’: “It’s just a workaround”

– “Sanction is a boomerang and a double-edged come”… Xi Jinping and Putin critical of the US

– Real estate stagnation hindering growth in China… “The 10-year growth rate will be less than 4%”

– What about Europe? “Russia may completely shut down gas supply”

△ Industry

– Samsung unveils ‘industry’s smallest’ mobile image sensor… “Catch No. 1 Sony”

– LG Innotek’s performance improved despite bad news

– KG Chemical ‘Knox-K’ selected 1st place by the Standards Association

– How many floors will ‘Hyundai GBC’ be?

– From electric vehicles to ESS… China-made LFP influence is growing

△ Consumer life

– Economic effect of more than 2 trillion… Distribution industry ‘Son Heung-min battle’

Korea’s largest tennis pop-up ‘The Court’ opened at Lotte Department Store and Jamsil World Mall

– Dairy industry-dairy farmers ‘crude oil price determination negotiations’ difficulties

△ Art Bus

– Charles Demus ‘No. 5’, a precise painting of a fleeting moment. This is a portrait.

△ Securities

– Communication that overcame the downtrend… ‘Tok Tok’ to play a defensive role

– Institutions, “Resilience is uncertain and investment is passive in the second half of the year”

– Can I include the ‘free theme wine’ one after another at the upper limit?

– SM and JYP also ‘start up’ ESG management

– HMM, the target fell by 30% in one month… why

– Samsung Asset Management, the first ‘blockchain technology ETF’ listed in Hong Kong

△ real estate

– The owner of 45 houses and 8-year-olds alone… Intensive investigation into foreign ‘real estate speculation’

– Apartment market in Yongsan, on the rise, remains flat for the first time in two months

– “Let’s reduce the construction cost”… Options/Design Diet Spiral Combinations

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– Start of land compensation for the 3rd new city ‘Goyang Changneung’… backlash is still

△ travel

– Gorgeous night views and the pain of war… keep quiet

– 100 years of chewiness, comforting refugees

– Summer nights, clear skies… Won’t you go see the Milky Way with me?

– Go to Uam-dong, Dal-dong, Busan


– I was mad at the preliminary round, but it was a good experience

– Park Min-ji ‘Are you hardened’ vs Lim Hee-jung’s ‘chasing?’

– “I noticed it even when I only came to the gallery… ‘Wife caddy’ is the trend now”

– The batting king and the home run king… veteran power

△ E-Daily met

– A lot of Youngkle people will become vulnerable borrowers… Thinking about lowering interest rates through repayment loans

– “The government needs strong spending restructuring… Eliminate underperforming businesses

△ Opinion

– [양승득 칼럼] The president’s bread, the president’s jjajangmyeon

– [공관에서 온 편지] Let’s prepare for a new 60-year partnership between Korea and New Zealand

– [기자수첩] Post Nuriho… The private-led space era must be continued.

△ People

– I fought with my life for my country… Only 35,000 won per month for participation in the war

– ‘Monster Pop Star’ Billie Eilish to perform in Korea for the first time in 4 years

– Former Prosecutor General Moon Moo-il joined ‘Sejong’ as the representative lawyer

– Home&Shopping, Lee Il-yong and Lee Won-seop launched their respective representative systems

△ Society

– A jjokbang village hit by high prices… “I can last a few days with just one ramen”

– 檢, search and seizure… Lee Jae-myung’s sister

– Voice Phishing Balbon Saekwon… The mammoth union rises

– Is it ‘personal deviation’ or ‘superior intervention’?檢 Accelerates investigation into allegations of ‘promise development’

– Will the college dean’s forced love shot be grounds for dismissal?


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