[미리보는 이데일리 신문]LG Ensol, which raised 114 trillion won, barely receives one week of equal allocation

[이데일리 김경은 기자] The following are the main articles of the Edaily newspaper previewed on the 20th.

△1 side

-The LG Ensol, which raised 114 trillion won, barely receives one week of equal allocation

– Ambiguous Major Disaster Act, Emphasis on Corporate Responsibility

-Omicron storm is coming… Broadcasting K at a major turning point

-Triple bad news… Domestic and foreign stock market fluctuations

△ Comprehensive

-[사설]Soaring New Year’s shopping cart prices, measures must be taken urgently

-[사설]Local university exam crisis, why procrastinate to find a solution

-Inflation, Corona, Diplomacy… Americans are angry

-Netflix enjoyed the squid game… “This year, 25 Korean works, 800 billion won investment”

△Special report

– To what extent do we have to take responsibility for safety at the construction site? Relevant ministries also have different interpretations of the law

– ‘Let’s avoid the No. 1 punishment’… Create a safety organization and increase budget

– Due to the popularity of safety experts… Occupational safety instructor qualification test takers tripled

△ Unprecedented 2 years of Corona

-The day before the storm with Omicron… Promotion of ‘high-risk group’ screening, treatment, and 4th vaccination

– A non-face-to-face world in full swing… ‘Digital Transformation’ is the difference between the success and failure of a company

-Extreme choice worries 13.6% ‘Corona blue’ risk level

-1457→3305→2840 line… Donghak Ants Between Heaven and Hell

△ LG Ensol rewrites IPO history

-New record streak Shall we go to LG Ensol’s ‘Dasang’… Securities analyst: “It’s too big, so it’s not very likely”

– KB Securities’ stock and bond issuance, which swept through the IPO, topped the list

-LG Chem’s stock price of LG Ensol retreats for 5 consecutive days

△ Comprehensive

-Lee “Allow public solicitation of investors” VS 尹 “Tax-free up to 50 million won”

– Koh Seung-beom “Corona loan support ends in March… provide a safety device”

– Safety collapsed due to the construction union

– Without measures to leak confidential information… Fair Trade Commission to “Share IT Service Tasks”


– Wheelchair fighting spirit 與 Song Young-gil, PK attack… Lee Jun-seok from a silk bag, Honam courtship

-“Korea’s nuclear power plants have world-class economic efficiency and safety”

-Rep. Chung Cheong-rae, who exposed ‘Lee Hee-kwan’, “recommendation to leave the party saying it meant Lee Jae-myung”

-Shim Sang-jung, who met Choi Tae-won, “It’s a misunderstanding if businesspeople think of me as anti-corporate”

△ Economy

-Even with the fuel tax cut… Gasoline prices rising again

-Jeong “Closed if quarantine rules are violated” Farmers “Excessive burden due to over-regulation”

-Hong Nam-ki “The real estate market is stable… Supply of 70,000 households with advance subscription this year”

-Korea’s lowest level of ‘carbon productivity’… “Explore ways to achieve both growth and low carbon”

△ Finance

– The expiration date is left… Toss that stopped card service

-Kookmin and Busan Bank also raised interest rates on deposits and savings accounts ‘Rush’

-4th generation real loss insurance conversion performance, reflected in insurance company evaluation

-This year’s consumption trend is ‘UNLOCK’


Article 82, ‘Big Deal of the Century’… Why does Microsoft embrace game company Blizzard?

-Effect of oral corona drug ‘Paxrovid’ on Omicron

-Beijing Olympics security vulnerability “Use a discarded phone”

-Attempted ‘Ukrainian Negotiation’… U.S.-Russian foreign ministers meet tomorrow

△ Industry

-Article 3.3 investment carried out… LGD’s ‘small and medium-sized OLED’ full-scale issue

-The holding companies of large corporations envious of GS “Is there anyone who will lead venture investment?”

– 16,300 units on the first day of pre-order for Kia’s new ‘Niro’

-Growth more than 9 times within 3 years Targeting the US and Australia ESS market

-Doosan Heavy, Hanwha Solutions, participating in local business, Lotte Chemical, pledged through stake acquisition

-“Hyundai Heavy Industries 3 midwives are confident that their sales will grow 10% a year”


-YouTube → TV → Metaverse… Carrie, the playground gets bigger

– Dreaming of becoming a leading exporter of ‘Attack on K-Bio’

-Hanmi Semiconductor, riding the ‘Supercycle’ to record highest performance for 2 years in a row

△ Securities

-This year’s hotter public offering party… One after another high kick in public offerings

-‘20% increase this year alone’ Innox Advanced Materials rises more on the good news of OLED

△ Securities

-“Acquired and acquired”… Game companies that met ‘water’ in the metaverse craze

– January KOSDAQ with no wind… The boss also ‘upside down, backside down’

-Samjeong KPMG “need to preemptively respond to increasing demand for senior towns”

△ real estate

– Jobs, tourism, transportation good… Icheon, Sokcho, Changwon, etc. ‘investment procession’

-Apartment transaction exceeding 1.5 billion KRW 2516% in Gyeonggi Province in 4 years

-If you would recommend the land around the 3rd new city… A place you should never buy

-‘The paradox of the powdering system’… The general sale is 1.5 billion won, but the cooperative is 1.8 billion won?

△ Science Café

-“Frequent earthquakes stimulate the magma chamber… Mount Fuji, which has been sleeping for 300 years, can explode at any time.”

-In the midst of producing a satellite to go to space on board the Nuri, ‘sweat’ to realize the dream of a space development powerhouse

△ Culture

– ‘Joseon Pop’ with its wings spread

-The first 7 million movies in 2 years after the ‘Spider-Man’ pandemic

△ Opinion

-Things that destroy mankind

-Education policy, let’s get rid of politics

△ People

– Stem cell therapy dominates the global market… K-Bio will be represented

-“Recruitment of CEOs to commercialize national development ideas”

– “There is no burden of 15 billion won… Start again with a rookie attitude”

-Kookmin Bank’s traditional market love sharing event supported by KRW 1 billion

-LS Group donates KRW 2 billion to the Love of Neighbor

△ “If you get a vaccine and the baby goes wrong… ” Pregnant women who are angry with the application of the quarantine pass

-“Excessive profit redemption proposal, ignoring the superiors” The will of Dae Jang-dong executive Kim Moon-gi

-“I’m afraid of my mug”… Cafe owner ‘troubled’ at ban on plastic cups

– The true identity of the head of the company, who borrowed money as an acquaintance of Im Jong-seok

– Gwangju collapse disaster, Hyeonsan headquarters seized and searched




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