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[방송]All members of the national archery team appear in ‘All The Butlers’… Show your archery skills

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On SBS ‘All The Butlers’ broadcast on the 22nd, a special day with the Taegeuk warriors who shined in Korea at the ‘2020 Tokyo Olympics’ will be revealed.

In last week’s ‘All The Butlers’, Kim Jung-hwan, Koo Bon-gil, Kim Jun-ho, and Oh Sang-wook, who won the gold medal in the team event with the strongest fencing skills at the ‘2020 Tokyo Olympics’, appeared as masters. The masters showed off their fencing masters by passing on the core techniques of ‘K-fencing’ that the world is paying attention to, such as the strength and agility of the lower body, to the members.

On this day’s broadcast, a fierce 4-on-4 sabre battle between the masters and the members will be held. In particular, it is said that the members who developed one step through the special training of the master engaged in a close-knit confrontation that could not predict the result. Expectations are high as to who will be the team that won the gold medal at the end of a tight, sweaty battle.

Another hero of the ‘2020 Tokyo Olympics’ will appear as a teacher. The protagonists are the national archery team who achieved 4 gold medals: Oh Jin-hyeok, Kim Woo-jin, Kim Je-deok, Ansan, Kang Chae-young, and Jang Min-hee. It is the first Korean entertainment show that all six members appear simultaneously, and many people are looking forward to it. At the filming site, they appeared with an all-time archery performance that will mark a mark in the history of entertainment, raising the expectations of the members.

In addition, he plans to play an active role as a master by revealing everything from the special training method of ‘K-Archery’, which has never been disclosed anywhere, to the special secret to winning the gold medal at the ‘2020 Tokyo Olympics’.

On the other hand, the members completely transformed into ‘Hwarang’, ‘Legolas’, and ‘Robin Hood’ that fit the archery special. It is said that the members showed the appearance of ‘Gongrini’ who knew nothing about archery, unlike their appearances like archery masters. The members are interested in whether they can be reborn as ‘Descendants of K-Archery’ through one-point lessons from masters that cannot be received anywhere else.


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