[방송]’Big Mouse’ Lee Jong-suk enters prison… Lawyer → became a scammer (comprehensive)

‘Big Mouse’ Lee Jong-seok was framed as a rare genius con artist and was imprisoned in the infamous Gucheon prison.

The 2nd episode of MBC’s Friday-Saturday drama ‘Big Mouse’ (creators Jang Young-cheol and Jeong Kyung-soon, scripted by Kim Ha-ram, directed by Oh Chung-hwan, produced by A-Story Studio Dragon and A-Man Project), aired on the 30th, recorded 6.4% in the metropolitan area and 6.1% nationwide. In the same time period, the drama ranked first in viewer ratings and began to rise. In particular, the scene where Park Chang-ho (Lee Jong-seok) escapes from Gucheon prison soared to a maximum of 8.2% per minute, raising the tension to the highest level.

On this day’s broadcast, after a terrible car accident, Park Chang-ho, who was framed as a genius con artist ‘Big Mouse’ and entered Gucheon Prison, and Go Mi-ho (Lim Yoon-a), who tried to save him, unfolded.

Park Chang-ho, who had suffered a terrible car accident while on his way to see the prosecutor in charge of the case, was suddenly arrested on drug charges without recovering from his injuries. Despite the fierce resistance of his wife Go Mi-ho and his father-in-law, the police recklessly dragged him away, and Park Chang-ho determined that all of this was concocted by Gong Ji-hoon (Yang Kyung-won), president of the Woojung Ilbo, who refused his deal.

To make matters worse, as money, gold bars, drugs and pistols came out of Park Chang-ho’s office, the situation went in an unpredictable direction. In the end, Park Chang-ho was imprisoned in Gucheon prison, where all kinds of heinous criminals were gathered, and from the first day of admission, he suffered a lot of violence under the leadership of Jung Chae-bong (Kim Jung-hyun), Han Jae-ho (Lee Yoo-jun), and Lee Do-kun (Oh Ryuung), the suspects in the Gucheon Hospital murder case.

The moment Park Chang-ho stepped on the threshold of the underworld, the tide turned again. The news was reported that Park Chang-ho was a genius con artist ‘Big Mouse’. Members of the NR forum saved Big Mouse to recover the money he had been scammed. After hearing the news, Miho Gomi showed off her wit by using reporters to deliver a message. Seeing this, Park Chang-ho revived his will and refuted the prosecutor’s claims one by one, but lost his composure to the question “Are you Big Mouse?” and the situation reached a point of irreversibility.

In the end, Park Chang-ho was imprisoned in Gucheon prison under the stigma of Big Mouse. The fact that Big Mouse, a genius con artist, was arrested served as an opportunity for some and a risk for others. Gong Ji-hoon was in danger of flying 100 billion won, and Choi Do-ha, who was aiming for a higher position, tried to raise the ranks as an excuse.

In the midst of this, Mi-ho Ko revives his career as a ‘my house solver’, which has eliminated the real neighbors at once, and burns his competitive spirit by saying, “I’ll solve everything.” In particular, he moved to Gucheon University Hospital to find out the truth about the murder case at Gucheon Hospital, which caused Park Chang-ho to go to prison, and jumped into the middle of the war.

While Go Mi-ho struggles to save her husband, Park Chang-ho confesses his innocence in a letter and decides to die to help the family left behind. Park Chang-ho, who was blaming the poor man who couldn’t even die at will, made a plan to end his life by borrowing the hands of vicious criminals everywhere.

However, this also did not come easily. His position in Gucheon Prison began to change little by little as he subdued the gangster boss with one punch, which even prisoners could not touch, while even the psychopath who killed nine people on death row gave up on Park Chang-ho’s momentum. Park Chang-ho, who could not die as expected despite the cry of “Please kill me,” was thinking about other methods, and while thinking about other methods, he remembered the nature of the prison warden Park Yun-gap (Jung Jae-seong), who mercilessly killed the prisoner, and boldly attempted to escape.

As expected, Park Yun-gap ordered the kill immediately, and Park Chang-ho cried out desperately at the gun that was aimed at him. In the moment of instantaneous movement between life and death, the question is rising whether Park Chang-ho will be able to face death as he wants.


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