[방송][Y랭킹] The protagonists of the ‘Emmy’ shone even in fashion…

Netflix’s ‘Squid Game’ swept six Emmys and made new history.

At the 74th Primetime Emmy Awards held at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles on the 12th (local time), ‘Squid Game’ won Best Actor (Jung-jae Lee) and Best Director (Dong-hyuk Hwang) in a Drama Series . Previously, ‘Squid Game’ swept four awards at the ‘Creative Arts Primetime Emmy Awards’ held on the 4th, including Best Actress Award, Production Design Award, Visual Effects Award, and Stunt Performance Award.

At this Emmy, ‘Squid Game’ drew a lot of attention to the actors’ fashion as well as their work and acting skills. In particular, Lee Jung-jae and Jeong Ho-yeon were mentioned in the series of ’74th Emmy Awards Dress Best’ chosen by American media. The duo stood shoulder to shoulder with stylish actors such as Zendaya, Nicholas Hoult, Amanda Seyfried, Sandara Oh and Andrew Garfield.

YTN’s star reporters and PDs looked back at the Emmys fashions.

Lee Jung-jae (Best Actor)

Reporter Kang Nae-ri: Right now, one of the places that will smile the most, the luxury brand Company G. It seems that Lee Jung-jae has been chosen as a global ambassador and he saw the benefits .

Reporter Gong Young-joo: Mr. Lee Jung-jae, who has already shown the best actor pose from the moment he stood on the photo wall before the event. A blue colored shirt on a black suit with studded embellishments doubles the dandy charm.

Reporter Kim Seong-hyeon: Lee Jung-jae, who wrote new history for the Emmy Awards. As he usually shows his amazing sense, this time he also drew attention with a fashion that was formal and witty. It looks like a typical suit, but from the lapel to the pockets, points were given with unique details. He was a star who shone more than anyone else, choosing a suit that was fun and not obvious.

Lee Sae PD: A fitting point for a black suit, the standard of a neat and sensible award ceremony look.

Jeon Jeon-ho PD: Look, am I still going to go home empty-handed?

Jeong Ho-yeon

Reporter Kang Nae-ri: It’s worth it for Louis Vuitton to do 600 hours of hard work. This isn’t just clothes, it’s art!

Reporter Gong Young-joo: The charisma of a model and an actor were used correctly. Louis Vuitton met Ho-yeon Jeong and really shined this time.

Reporter Kim Seong-hyun: I think it was one of the most attention-grabbing fashions at this Emmy. It seems a little disappointing to conclude that Jung Ho-yeon’s fashion, which was done from head to toe with custom-made clothes by French luxury company L, is Korean or French. Jeong Ho-yeon was the icon of Jeong Ho-yeon that day.

Lee Sae PD: There are many reasons why a top model is a top model.

Jeon Jeon-ho PD: When Dawn in a green sweatshirt walks into the Emmy Awards. The rainbow colored charm has finally reared its head.

Lee Yu-mi (short role)

[Y랭킹]    The protagonists of the 'Emmy' shone even in fashion...

Reporter Kang Nae-ri: I think purple open-toed shoes with ribbons made the glorious moment more dramatic.

Reporter Gong Young-joo: The owner of a jumping charm, Lee Yoo-mi, balanced her mood with the award ceremony in an elegant and neat long dress. Perfectly worn even the cute purple shoes!

Reporter Seong-Hyun Kim: White lace decoration on a black velvet dress. It was the coordination that showed there was a reason the old plan survived. Here, purple shoes with little ribbons livened up what could have been plain fashion and made his smile even more radiant.

Lee Sae PD: The girlish atmosphere of a black velvet dress, purple shoes, and even lace details is lovely.

Jeon Jeon-ho PD: A classic from afar, wit and wit you can only see when you get up close. If you compare the black dress to the rest of the contestants, Jiyoung’s number 240 was just like those purple shoes.

I’m Se-ryong

[Y랭킹]    The protagonists of the 'Emmy' shone even in fashion...

Reporter Nae-ri Kang: This is an elegant look with understated beauty. It is so perfect that it is not inferior to even reach the best dressed position.

Reporter Gong Young-joo: ‘King of elegance’ is not what you are talking about. It is impressive to see Vice Chairman Lim Se-ryung, who defended Mr. Lee Jung-jae is firm with a figure like a Greek goddess.

Reporter Kim Seong-hyeon: The pure white tone and elegant dress line gave the impression of ‘elegant’ at first glance. It was also a great choice to give a point with an edgy neckline decoration and a handbag that is not too much. It was a fashion that caught everyone’s attention but had a quiet and attractive feel.

Lee Sae PD: The girlish atmosphere of a black velvet dress, purple shoes, and even lace details is lovely.

Jeon Jeon-ho PD: Foreign fans, even if you watch the ending credits for a hundred days, your name does not come out. Surprisingly, he is not an actor.


YTN star Youngjoo Gong (

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