[백브리핑AI] Elon Musk’s ‘cylindrical’ battery eye… “Prediction of Electric Vehicle Seismic Change”

[인포스탁데일리=김영택 기자] Elon Musk’s Tesla has announced that he has succeeded in mass producing the ‘4680 battery’.

The 4680 battery is a cylindrical battery.

Tesla’s cylindrical battery is characterized by more than doubling the size and capacity of electric vehicles.

The industry sees Tesla’s mass production of the 4680 as a sign of a ‘great transition’ in the battery industry.

Cylindrical batteries have been evaluated as having a lower energy density than prismatic or pouch type batteries due to their round shape with hollow spaces.

However, this is because as Tesla overcomes these limitations, the current battery industry is likely to be shaken up.

The 4680 Tesla battery has a higher battery density than before, and cell to chassis (CTC) technology is applied which skips the package and module stages.

Battery experts estimate that the manufacturing cost and efficiency of cylindrical batteries is four times better than prismatic ones.

Tesla plans to set up a factory by investing 4.3 trillion won to mass produce cylindrical batteries.

It is a scale capable of producing 2 million electric vehicle batteries at 100 gigawatt hours (GWh) per year.

Signs of tectonic change are also being detected in the finished car industry.

Not only Tesla, but also other electric car companies such as BMW, Volvo, and Rivian are adopting cylindrical batteries.

Reporter Kim Young-taek

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