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Last week (March 13-17), the KOSPI index closed at 2395.69, up 1.10 points (0.05%) from the previous week. From an investor, institutions bought net 704.2 billion won, while individuals and foreigners net sold 114.9 billion won and 704.3 billion won, respectively.

‘Secondary battery pillar’ Sama Aluminum ㆍAdd to ‘Strength’

The stock that has risen the most over the past week is Samya Aluminum (54.02%).

Last week, as secondary battery stocks showed daily strength, the stock price of Samya Aluminum, a material company, also rose. Samya Aluminum produces aluminum foil for lithium ion battery (LIB) external materials and anode current collector.

EN Plus ended the transaction at 5,620, up 21.65% from the previous week.

EN Plus, which is classified as a battery-related secondary stock, recently received news that Saudi Arabia is considering attracting large-scale investment, and its share price has risen.

In addition, Firstech (15.01%), Samik THK (14.09%), and Well Biotech (11.61%) rose significantly.

Douzone Bizon fell 27% due to poor earnings outlook

Douzone Bizon closed at 35,000 won, down 27.76 percent from last week.

The stock market predicted that Douzone Bizon’s sluggish performance would be prolonged. Researcher Oh Dong-hwan of Samsung Securities noted in a report on the 14th, “Negative internal and external conditions will continue until the first half of this year, and sluggish performance is expected to continue. The most important variable in the rebound in performance is whether the economy will improve in the second half or not.”

In addition, Capro (-23.44%), SeAH Besteel Holdings (-14.55%), Heungkuk Fire & Marine Insurance (-13.87%), and Hanwha General Insurance (-13.66%) fell sharply.


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