[비즈초대석] Lee Sang-hoon, CEO of ABL Bio “I’m in the black this year too”… “We’ll grab another great opportunity at ‘Bio USA’”


ABL Bio, which managed to win a whopping 1.4 trillion with Sanofi last year, continues its surplus this year. CEO Lee Sang-hoon is actively involved in bio events to create another jackpot opportunity and is confident of this year’s performance. Reporter Kim Hyo-sun met CEO Lee.


ABL Bio recorded a net profit of more than 20 billion won in the first quarter of this year, following last year’s turnover. To continue this surplus trend this year and next, we are planning additional technology transfers. This is the situation where solid technology and license agreement experience through Sanofi is another competitive advantage for the company. We heard from CEO Sang-hoon Lee about what to expect ahead of the ‘Bio USA’ held in Boston, USA on the 5th of next month.

Q. What is the company’s sales flow?
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We turned to a surplus from the fourth quarter of last year. During the first quarter of this year, we were in surplus of more than 20 billion, and I believe that we will be in surplus in 2023 as well. In 2024, we are likely to be in the black, but for a bit more confidence, if there is an additional technology transfer, I think we will be almost 100% in the black.

Q. What is the competitiveness that made technology transfer possible?
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How would we highlight our differentiation from other competitors, but rather than just saying I like it, we need to actually show data that we excel at the substance that big pharma was looking for’ to compare based on science data because only In that respect, we have implemented enough differentiation. Then, if you look at the patent, there are some reasons. Looking at the patent, we make a competitive substance. I think I did the competitive substance the same, so I’m experimenting at the same time.

Q. Taking an active part in bio-events… What to look forward to?
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The full scale meeting is Bio USA. Until last year, we used to say in and out. So that’s what we sell. Until last year, there were many jobs selling things to Big Par. For the Sanofi deal, but at the same time, other big pharmas were interested in the same technology, and at the same time, we were constantly trying to sell the development of anticancer drugs, so until last year, almost 80% or more o 90% or more of the meetings presented our product from a sales point of view, and I had many meetings like that continuously. It’s the same this year. Many pharmaceutical companies have shown interest in our technology, anticancer drugs in phase 1 clinical trials, and those that will come in this June, so we discussed the anticancer drug part together with the Blood Barrier- Brain, BBB (blood-brain barrier) we developed. As a kind of seller, many of the meetings are now being established. When I saw him, I think he was caught in about 32-3 places.

Q. What are your goals and expectations for this year?
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Sanofi’s phase 1 clinical trial results are going well. Our 503 is a process of continuous dose escalation, and the clinical results are good. It’s called ABL-103, so in June, we’re applying for phase 1 IND clinical trials, and it’s a breast cancer target and an ovarian cancer target, and it’s a target that’s getting a lot of attention globally. So our expectations and expectations for clinical trials are high, but maybe expectations for technology transfer are a little high, and our future goal for ABL is to be a company that has gotten a lot of attention just with bispecific antibodies , but maybe as an ADC focusing on bispecific antibodies, 2023 is also the year when we worry about how to do a project on a more global level, where we can make a new leap forward.

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