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[사회]檢, Kim Man-bae’s warrant ‘difficulty’… Dong-gyu Yoo’s phone is still “confirming”

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Prosecutors investigating the allegation of preferential treatment for development in Daejang-dong are struggling to re-apply for an arrest warrant for Kim Man-bae.

Since he is a key figure in the suspicion, he must secure new recruits, but he cannot even claim a warrant in a hasty, literally falling into a ‘dilemma’.

It is said that the old mobile phone of former general manager Yoo Dong-gyu, who was expecting meaningful clues, is not yet secured.

Correspondent Kim Kyung-soo.


The prosecution, which had previously investigated Kim Man-bae only once and requested an arrest warrant, called Kim for investigation five times since the warrant was dismissed on the 14th.

I also had a fight with other key figures such as Nam-wook and Jung Young-hak, who had different words.

This week, observations continued that the request for an arrest warrant for Mr. Kim was imminent, and although the prosecution officials did not deny the possibility, the weekend was greeted with no results.

Above all, the slow speed of the investigation is cited as the background to the delay in requesting the arrest warrant for Kim.

Previously, when the prosecution requested an arrest warrant for Kim, it listed breach of trust and bribery as the core charges, but in fact, the court was judged as ‘lack of vocation’.

After that, the former Seongnam Urban Development Corporation’s planning division head Yoo Dong-gyu was handed over to trial, but the charges of breach of trust could not be applied.

They said they would continue to investigate the breach of trust, but the current prosecution’s investigation is having difficulty proving allegations of bribery.

There are circumstances in which a specific method of delivery has been discussed regarding the charge that Kim Man-bae promised 70 billion won in profits from the development of Daejang-dong to Yoo, but it seems that there is no objective evidence other than the so-called ‘Transcript of Jeong Young-hak’.

In addition, the son of Kwak Sang-do has been called twice to investigate the allegation of bribery of 5 billion won, which he gave to Kwak in the name of severance pay for the son of Kwak Sang-do.

For this reason, there is a view that there is still insufficient proof of payment, enough to call an incumbent member of the National Assembly on charges of bribery and directly investigate it.

Although it is urgent for the prosecution to secure new recruits for key figures, if the warrant is prematurely re-applied and dismissed in a situation where the investigation is not complete, the power to continue the investigation will be greatly reduced.

There is no way forward or back.

It is said that the old mobile phone of former general manager Yoo Dong-gyu, which was obtained after the interception of police and investigation information, is still in vain.

There were several cell phones confiscated from the house of former General Manager Yoo’s acquaintance, but they have not yet been able to properly determine who the owner of the cell phone was and when it was used.

In addition to this, the prosecutors who investigated the suspicion of external pressure to resign as the first president of Seongnam Urban Development Corporation, Hwang Moo-seong, who recently emerged as a prime minister, seem to have a long way to go with no results.

This is YTN Kim Kyung-soo.

YTN Kim Kyung-soo ([email protected])

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