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[사회][단독] Famous ex-car racer kicks an 8-year-old child, ‘naughty boy’… Police investigation

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An ex-famous racer who appears frequently on TV has assaulted an 8-year-old child and is being investigated by the police.

YTN secured a CCTV screen of an assault scene that threw a child on the floor.

The man said he drank a lot at the time and said he did not do it on purpose.

This is the exclusive report by reporter Jun-myung Shin.


In front of a restaurant in Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do.

A man grabs a child by the collar.

When the child resists, he forcibly grabs it and pulls it up, then kicks him in the side with his knee.

Then he lifts the child up and throws him to the floor as he struggles.

[피해 아동 어머니 : 아이가 자기한테 울며불며 굴복하지 않으니까 바로 들어서 놔버렸잖아요.]

This man is a famous former racer, Mr. A, and has frequently appeared on TV-related TV shows.

The last time I assaulted 8-year-old group B was around 6:40 pm on the 16th.

It happened after drinking at a restaurant with B’s father.

B’s assault caused one front tooth to fall out and was taken to the hospital with severe injuries to the lips and nose.

[피해 아동 어머니 : 얼굴을 많이 다쳐서, 초등학교 1학년인데 학교 못 가고, 집에 있는 상황이에요.]

At that time, when the owner of the restaurant asked why the child was so injured, Mr. B said, “He fell and was injured.”

[피해 아동 어머니 : (음식점) 사장님이 어제 갔을 때 정확하게 진술을 해주셨어요, 아이가 왜 저래요 이러니까 넘어졌다고 A 씨의 입에서 나왔대요.]

Mr. A is said to have worked as a racer in the past and won over 20 awards in various competitions.

Mr. A said that he did not intentionally assault the child, but that he would bear all the medical expenses.

[A 씨 / 전직 카레이서 : 제가 술을 6병인가 7병인가 마셨고요. 제가 고의로 누굴 때리거나 고의로 뭘 하려고 했던 거는 전혀 아닙니다.]

B’s mother sued A to the police.

If the charges of assault and injury to an 8-year-old child are found, the police believe that it will be difficult to avoid punishment even if an agreement is reached with the victim.

My name is Junmyeong Shin from YTN.

YTN Junmyeong Shin ([email protected])

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