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[사회][단독] Some errors in the national map network… “Useless in case of emergency”

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Neutralization of ground electronic and communication devices in case of EMP attack
Emergency means of wartime such as military operations ‘National Guidance Network’
Acquisition of performance test report for ‘National Map Network Successful Bid’
“I sent a security fax and half out of 10 were blank”


During war or national disaster, it has been found that the national map network that connects the central government and each institution has significant problems with some performance.

YTN obtained the supplier’s test report after an error was found in a key device that aided in the delivery of accurate orders.

This is the exclusive report by reporter Park Ki-wan.


After the sixth nuclear test in September 2017, North Korea announced that electromagnetic pulse and EMP bombs were ready.

[조선중앙TV (지난 2017년 9월) : (수소탄은) 전략적 목적에 따라 고공에서 폭발시켜 광대한 지역에 대한 초강력 EMP 공격까지 가할 수 있는….]

If an electromagnetic pulse attack is carried out, the internal circuits of all electronic and communication devices on the ground will burn and become virtually useless.

At this time, the emergency means that the government will use for military operations and evacuation measures is the national guidance and communication network.

It is a core infrastructure that enables communication between the central government, the military, and local governments, such as the central government, the military, and local governments, in case of emergency as well as military operations in peacetime using satellites.

KT has been in charge of the operation for over 20 years.

Accurate orders and delivery of reports are vital, but a problem has recently been discovered that can increase the crisis.

At the beginning of this year, KT conducted a bid for a wide area network accelerator that enables communication at a stable speed even when data is overflowing due to wars and disasters, and Company A finally won the bid.

This is company A’s wide area network accelerator performance test paper obtained by YTN.

I sent a security fax with key orders, and it was recorded that half of the 10 pages came out blank.

In some cases, sentences were missing.

There was some error in sending the command.

[광역통신망 가속기 업계 관계자 : 전시 상황이라든지 재난 상황에서 사용하는 망이다 보니까 트래픽이 폭주했을 때도 망 생존성을 보장해줘야 합니다. 거기에 제일 중요한 부분이 WAN(광역통신망) 가속기 부분이고요. 명령문이 제대로 전달되지 않았다면 그것은 불량 제품인 겁니다.]

In the case of video conferencing, one of the test items, the data loss compensation rate was found to be close to 80% lower than that of competitors.

Also, more severe conditions were given in case the data overflowed, and the error was larger.

It is inevitably fatal for a military operation where even an inch of error cannot be tolerated.

[전인범 / 전 장군 : 있을 수가 없는 일이죠. 공격해야 하는데 공격을 못 한다든지 여러 개의 부대와 요소들이 협조해서 활동해야 하는데 그런 협조가 잘못돼서 서로 오인 사격한다든지 한마디로 군사작전은 불가능한 거죠.]

The reporter asked Company A several times for an explanation in this regard, but refused to answer, saying, “I have nothing to say.”

[A 사 관계자 : 저희는 더 드릴 말씀이 없을 것 같아서 (저희는 만나 뵙고 싶다고 요청을 드렸는데 거부하시는 거잖아요.) 네, 저희는 할 말이 없어 가지고 이만 끊겠습니다.]

It seems that a detailed investigation is needed as to why the defective device was delivered to the core business related to national security.

This is YTN Park Ki-wan.

YTN Park Ki-wan ([email protected])

[저작권자(c) YTN & YTN plus 무단전재 및 재배포 금지]


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