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[사회][제보는Y] The county office that created a cafe in the forest protection area… An absurd measure against civil complaints

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It was revealed as a civil complaint that Jeongseon-gun, Gangwon-do, had built a cafe in a touristic park and operated it illegally.

However, the military government took absurd measures to rectify the problem.

Reporter Hong Min-ki covered the story.


A park at the foot of the Taebaek Mountains in Jeongseon-gun, Gangwon-do.

Above is a cafe run by the Jeongseon-gun Facility Management Corporation.

However, the way it works is strange.

When you order coffee, you have to operate the brewing machine and drink it yourself, not the staff make it.

“Third thing, just press this button.”

There is a reason for doing this.

The reported business of this cafe is ‘food vending machine sales’.

Simply put, you can only sell coffee from vending machines.

This is because the cafe is located in a forest conservation management area, so you cannot open a resting place.

[최창배 / 경기도 군포시 산본동 : 약간 불편하지 않았나 그런 생각은 조금 들었습니다. 보통 사람들은 그냥 넘어갈 수도 있고, 좀 (까다로우신) 분들은 ‘아 좀 절차가 있구나’ 느낄 수도 있고….]

At first, it operated like a regular cafe.

From October 2019, when it opened, to last month, when the operation method was changed, it was 1 year and 9 months.

The corporation took the lead and broke the law.

“It’s almost similar to a cafe. You know how it comes out of a cafe. That’s how it was run. (But why did it change?) Because this place isn’t registered as a cafe…”

Then, when complaints were raised, the coffee brewing machine was opened and the blindfolded sales began.

Last year, the cafe earned an average of close to 1 million won a month.

A drink is about 3,000 won, so if you do a simple calculation, you can see that you sold about 300 cups a month.

The Jeongseon County Office did not even check the relevant laws while building a cafe in the forest conservation management area.

[정선군 시설관리공단 관계자 : 휴게음식점은 영업이 안 되고, 이런 부분이 건축할 때 조건으로 제시된 거죠. 저희는 그런 부분은 전혀 모르는 상태였고, 사실.]

Nevertheless, for the normal operation of the cafe, the forest protection area was released around October as a countermeasure.

This is YTN Hong Min-ki.

YTN Hong Min-ki ([email protected])

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