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[사회][현장영상] Yoo Eun-hye “The first full school attendance in two years… Please ask the parents of vaccinations”

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As the quarantine indicators are worsening, with the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases reaching around 4,000 recently, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education Yoo Eun-hye held an emergency advisory meeting with infectious disease experts on the infection status of students and the effectiveness of vaccinations.

Experts said that although the number of cases of COVID-19 among students has increased this year, the incidence of high school seniors with high vaccination rates has significantly decreased.

Let’s listen to all the speeches of Deputy Prime Minister Yoo in person.

[유은혜 / 부총리 겸 교육부 장관]

Today, we have an urgent advisory meeting with infectious disease experts. We would like to thank Professor Eun-Hwa Choi, Professor Jae-Gap Lee, and Professor Jae-Hoon Jeong for being with us despite their busy schedules.

The second college scholastic ability test in the Corona situation has ended safely, and so far there has been no group infection through the SAT test center.
And from this Monday, November 22, all elementary, middle and high schools across the country started going back to school.

This is the first full school attendance in two years since the outbreak of the corona situation, the new semester starts in March of this year and the second semester starts in September of this year.

After the step-by-step recovery measures, the severe situation of 3,000 confirmed cases per day continues, and the risk of infection among our students is increasing accordingly.

In addition, the vaccination rate of children and adolescents, which is the most effective means of prevention, is still at a low level unlike adults, so it is important to gather wisdom to protect our students from the risk of infection.

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The Ministry of Education supplemented the school quarantine guidelines in consideration of the increased density in schools and the increasing number of infections, and guided them to the site last week. In relation to multi-use facilities accessed mainly from this area, the metropolitan area is strengthening its efforts to prevent infection by operating a daily quarantine inspection group by each education support office.

However, there is bound to be a limit to completely blocking the influx of viruses in schools only with the efforts of the school field. We ask students and parents to participate in vaccination, which is the most effective means of prevention, along with cooperation in the prevention of infection in the community, including families with student children.

The originally announced vaccinations for 12-17 year olds were scheduled to expire by the 27th of this month, but considering the recent infection situation, the quarantine authorities and the Ministry of Education have extended advance reservations until the end of this year and inoculations until January 22nd next year for additional vaccinations. I’ve been given a chance.

We ask for your cooperation in participating in vaccination so that our children can return to their normal daily lives, such as recovering the learning gap that has occurred due to distance learning, while maintaining a stable school attendance in the context of daily recovery.

Above all, considering the safety of students above all else, we ask that you gather in-depth opinions of experts on the points that the school site and the Ministry of Education should supplement or take note of.

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Based on various opinions, we will do our best to ensure that our children can continue their studies in a safe school by closely consulting with the quarantine authorities and devising a practical and detailed plan that takes the school conditions into consideration. Thanks a lot for your help. thank you.

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