[사회]22 additional cases of Omicron infection… “The pastor’s wife accused of the first confirmed case”

Omicron mutation infection added 22 people a day… 16 cases of domestic infection
Most confirmed in Incheon church… 40 related cumulative omicron infections

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The number of confirmed infections of ‘Omicron’, a new mutant virus of Corona 19, increased by 22 people in one day.

Most of them are related to the Incheon Church.

The quarantine authorities accused the pastor’s wife, the first confirmed patient of Omicron, who lied during the epidemiological investigation.

This is reporter Kim Woo-jun.


The number of COVID-19 patients confirmed to be infected with the Omicron mutation increased by 22 in one day.

What stands out is the number of infected people in Korea, which is 16.

Most of these people are infected with the church in Michuhol-gu, Incheon.

Starting with a pastor and a couple who visited Nigeria, so far, there have been 40 confirmed cases of Omicron related to the Incheon church.

A middle school student in Ansan, who was a church member and classified as a suspected case of infection, was also finally confirmed as infected with Omicron.

What the quarantine authorities are concerned about is the chain of local infections of Omicron, which has strong contagious power.

[백순영 / 가톨릭대 의대 명예교수 : 전파력이 강해서 델타 변이주를 밀어내고, 오미크론이 우세 종이 되는 것은 상당히 가능성이 커 보입니다.]

Church members, family members, and acquaintances who came into contact with the pastor and couple of Incheon have already reached the 4th transmission, and are struggling to prevent further spread of infection.

In particular, the city of Incheon, where Omicron confirmed cases are concentrated, accused the pastor’s wife, who lied during the epidemiological investigation, for violating the Infectious Disease Prevention Act.

[인천시 미추홀구청 관계자 : 거짓말을 한 주체는 이분(목사 부인)이니까 이분에 대해서만 고발을 하는 것으로….]

Cases of overseas inflows are also continuing.

Six additional people who visited South Africa, Mozambique and Ethiopia were confirmed to be infected with Omicron.

Following nine countries, including South Africa and Mozambique, the government added Ghana and Zambia to the list of countries subject to entry restrictions.

So far, there are 60 cases of Omicron mutation in Korea, 15 from overseas and 45 from domestic infections.

This is YTN Kim Woo-jun.

YTN Kim Woo-jun ([email protected])

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