[사회]355 new confirmed cases of Corona 19…’distance adjustment plan’ announced this afternoon


Corona 19 confirmed in Korea came down to 300 people in five days.

However, it is difficult to conclude that the recent proliferation trend has declined as there is also an impact on the weekend when the number of inspections decreases.

The government is expected to announce a plan to adjust the distance phase this afternoon.

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Corona 19 confirmed people recorded 300 people in five days, right?


That’s right. Yesterday, there were 355 confirmed corona19 patients a day.

There are 325 domestic occurrences and 30 overseas inflows.

It has been five days since it fell to 300 people.

However, it is difficult to conclude that the spread has been reduced because the number of tests on weekends has decreased.

By region, there were still many confirmed cases in the metropolitan area with 224, and new confirmed cases were found in 16 provinces nationwide, excluding Daejeon, including 20 in Busan, 18 in Gyeongnam and 16 in Gwangju.

The death toll increased by 6, and the cumulative death toll rose to 1,420.

The number of severely ill patients decreased by 2, and 757 were released from quarantine after treatment.


Will the government announce a social distancing adjustment this afternoon?


Yes, the government is holding a meeting of the Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasure Headquarters at 3 pm today, presided over by Prime Minister Jeong Sye-gyun.

We plan to announce a plan to adjust the distance at 4:30 pm by synthesizing the pattern of COVID-19 outbreak, its spread, and expert opinions.

First of all, weight is being placed on the current steps of distancing and the possibility of extending the ban on private gatherings for more than 5 people.

Although the number of new confirmed cases has declined a little today, it is because after a while, it has entered the sedation phase and is showing signs of re-proliferation recently.

In yesterday’s briefing, the script said that there is concern about further spread due to the outbreak of group infection at the Daejeon IM Mission, and that it is carefully considering whether to change the social distancing stage.

The script says that the reproductive index of infection has recently exceeded 1, and the number of cases of patients is increasing.

Moreover, the number of weekend traffic indicators is also increasing for two weeks in a row, making the spread of infection more worrisome, and with the Lunar New Year ahead, it seems more cautious in adjusting the distance steps than ever.

In the meantime, the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety is holding a meeting of the Vaccine Verification Advisory Group involving external experts regarding AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine.

It is a meeting to discuss the safety and effectiveness of the AstraZenaca vaccine.

The government said it would introduce the AstraZeneca vaccine in the next month, so it would closely review its safety.

The results of the meeting will be announced tomorrow.

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