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[사회]6 native speakers gathered ahead of ‘ease of quarantine’… Instructor deceived with ‘voice’

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As the number of confirmed cases related to the Gyeonggi language school exceeded 80, it was revealed that there were six attendees of the meeting of native English speakers who were the trigger of the infection.

There was also confusion in which a Korean instructor who was guided to the test because of suspected contact lied that he had been tested and turned out to be positive.

Reporter Jeong Hyun-woo.


On the 19th, the infection spread due to a meeting of native speaker instructors at a restaurant in Hongdae, Seoul, and the cumulative number of confirmed people exceeded 80.

A total of six foreigners gathered at the meeting that was a problem.

Violation of quarantine rules is suspected as it was revealed that the number of people exceeding the limit for gatherings in the metropolitan area was exceeded.

[식당 관계자 : 방역수칙을 철저히 지키지만, 이 외국인들이 외부에 나가서 한강에 나가서, 공원에서, 놀이터에서 술 마시고 있고 우르르 모여있고 담배 피고. QR코드가 없어서 그게 정말 위험한 거라고 말씀드리고 싶습니다.]

The lax quarantine awareness also caused confusion at other academies.

A Korean instructor at another language school suspected of having contact with a Hongdae meeting attendee deceived the health authorities by saying that it was negative even without being tested.

After that, I got a fever and got tested and it came out positive.

The academy was closed, and about 100 students, including alumni, were late to be tested for COVID-19.

[성남시청 관계자 : 어쨌든 거짓말한 거 아니에요. 그래서 그 부분에 대해서는, 선생님에 대해서는 고발조치 해야 할 것 같아요.]

The five academies where the infection spread this time are spread across four cities in Gyeonggi Province.

The cumulative number of infections from the Seongnam academy where the instructor, who was the first confirmed patient of the meeting, worked, exceeded 30.

In Bucheon and Uijeongbu City, there were about 10 confirmed cases each.

There were about 20 students from Goyang City Academy, and most of them were academy students.

[고양시청 관계자 : 전수 검사는 다 끝났고 각 학교 학생들은 전원 음성이 나온 상태로 알고 있고요. 추가 확산은 아직 없는데.]

Classes at five schools will be switched to remote starting next week, as there is a high risk of this infection spreading to schools in conjunction with the expansion of school attendance.

The Office of Education is planning to further increase the number of schools that switch to distance learning if there are additional confirmed cases.

[경기도 교육청 관계자 : 저희가 예의주시하고 있고. 주말에 상황이 어떻게 돼서 (원격 전환) 신청이 들어올 수 있는 거잖아요. (학교 내 감염은 아직 나온 건 아니죠?) 네 아직.]

Quarantine authorities are analyzing whether there are recently infected COVID-19 delta virus among the confirmed cases related to this foreign gathering.

This is YTN Jung Hyun-woo.

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