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[사회]627 new corona19 patients…600 people on the third day

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The number of new corona19 patients in Korea hit 600 people today.

The government has extended social distancing and the ban on meetings with more than 5 people for three weeks, considering that the spreading trend is still there.

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The number of new patients with Corona 19 has been maintained at the level of 600 for the third day.

A little less than the previous day, right?


As of 0 o’clock today, there were 627 new cases in total.

Since the previous day was 661, the number of new patients decreased by over 30.

Looking at the route of infection, there were 593 domestic outbreaks and 34 foreign inflows.

Even today, there are many patients in the metropolitan area.

Seoul and Gyeonggi equally had 187, and Incheon had 13 and 387 in the metropolitan area alone.

Also outside the metropolitan area, there were 52 patients in Ulsan, 41 in Gyeongnam, 28 in Busan, and 16 in Chungnam.

The death toll increased by 3, and the number of severely ill patients increased by 10 to 174.

Yesterday, the number of new first doses of the corona vaccine was 250,000, and the cumulative number of inoculations exceeded 3.32 million.

The vaccination rate is 6.5% compared to the entire population.

The number of people who completed the second vaccination also increased by nearly 30,000.

Nearly 700 reports of adverse reactions were added after vaccination.

Of these, two deaths were reported, six suspected anaphylaxis and three severely suspicious cases.

All deaths were from Pfizer vaccinations, but the causality between vaccination and death has not yet been determined.

The rest were common symptoms, such as muscle pain or fever.

The government believes that it is necessary to spend well in May, when various anniversaries such as Children’s Day and Mother’s Day are crowded, to curb the increase in the number of patients.

Accordingly, the current distancing and the ban on meetings of more than 5 people were extended by 3 weeks until the 23rd.

In addition, the special quarantine management week, in which the regular inspection team of each ministry intensively inspects multi-use facilities, has also been increased by one more week to the 9th.

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