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[사회]700 people for four days in a row…4th fashion ona

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The number of new corona 19 confirmed cases in Korea recorded 700 people for four consecutive days, which is the first time since early January this year.

It is pointed out that the government should reinforce quarantine measures to prevent the 4th outbreak from taking off in earnest.

This is reporter Kim Do-won.


The number of new corona 19 confirmed cases was counted as 785.

It is the first time since the beginning of January that it has exceeded 700 for four consecutive days.

By region, the metropolitan area accounted for 2/3 of the domestic infection with 509 people.

The infection spread to 146 people in Gyeongnam region, followed by 37 people in Chungcheong area and 34 people in Gyeongbuk area.

The number of confirmed cases continues to fluctuate and rises gradually.

The average number of confirmed cases per day for the last 7 days was 686, similar to the beginning and mid-December of last year when the third epidemic began in earnest.

The government explains that it is still acceptable, but it is pointed out that it is a situation that cannot be reassured.

[백순영 / 가톨릭대 의대 명예교수 : 일본을 보면 1000명 수준에서 5000명 가는 것이 2~3주도 안 걸렸거든요. 이 상황이 우리도 일어날 수가 있는 것이, 변이주 유입이라는 변수가 있기 때문입니다.]

Of course, when vaccination began, the situation is different from that of the third epidemic.

Compared to the second week of December last year, when the number of confirmed cases was similar, the number of deaths is now half the number.

However, if a mutant virus appears that neutralizes the vaccine, it will inevitably cause great damage again.

There are still 28% of confirmed patients whose infection route is unknown, and voices say that quarantine measures should be strengthened.

This is YTN Kim Do-won.

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