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[사회]A ‘protective’ woman reported ‘five times’, but the police gave only a ‘warning’ to a stalking man

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A woman who was killed by a stalking man even while under police protection had complained to the police five times in the past year.

However, the police, who arrived at the scene, met the man twice and sent him back after only giving a warning.

Reporter Hong Min-ki reports.


A man wearing a black top and bottom with a black hat pressed down gets out of the police convoy.

On the 19th, a 35-year-old assassin man accused of killing a woman who was under police protection appeared for a warrant review.

He did not respond to reporters asking why he committed the crime and whether he had any intention of apologizing to the victim and the bereaved family.

[A 씨 / ‘스토킹 살해’ 피의자 : (유족들에게 하고 싶은 말씀 있으신가요?) (혐의 인정하시나요?) ….]

As a result of the police investigation, it was confirmed that Mr. A had been stalking the victim repeatedly for a long time before this incident.

Over the past year, only five reports of stalking have been received by the police.

In June, a police officer came to the woman’s house to take her luggage and came to the office.

In the process, the police met Mr. A in person twice, but it was simply a warning to stop stalking.

It is said that before the Stalking Punishment Act came into effect, it was not possible to forcibly investigate Mr. A, who refused to accompany him voluntarily.

The police also repeatedly explained the background of mobilization to a hotel in Myeong-dong, Seoul, 500 meters away at the time of the crime on the 19th.

Due to technical limitations, the location value of the smart watch was displayed elsewhere, and the guideline was to first search for the source of the signal.

However, he said that it is a pity that the victim’s house was not searched first, and he explained that he is considering improving the guidelines so that on-site police officers are also sent to the residence when a report is received.

The police are planning to establish a team dedicated to improving the response to stalking crimes with the participation of the chief of the police chief in charge of this case to prepare measures to prevent recurrence.

This is YTN Hong Min-ki.

YTN Hong Min-ki ([email protected])

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