[사회]CJ Courier Union “Should distribute courier fees fairly”… Logistics disruption caused by strike becomes visible


The CJ Logistics branch of the National Courier Union went on an indefinite strike since yesterday, saying that the increase in delivery costs is being distributed unfairly.

Today, a general strike resolution meeting was held in front of the CJ Group headquarters, and the logistical disruption is gradually becoming visible, with hundreds of thousands of shipments piling up at the logistics terminal.

Reporter Hae-ri Yoon reports.


In the logistics terminal of CJ Logistics, boxes of parcels are piled up.

Conveyor belts that were constantly moving and sorting shipments also stopped.

This is because, since the 28th, more than 1,700 members of CJ Korea Express, a courier union, went on an indefinite strike.

Due to the strike of the couriers, 160,000 parcels were not delivered and piled up at this logistics terminal alone.

The union members also held a resolution meeting in front of the CJ Group headquarters to reinforce their will for a general strike.

“Take responsibility, take responsibility”

They criticized CJ for not properly complying with the social agreement signed with the courier union in June.

In particular, he urged the drivers to increase their share, claiming that 70% of the 170 won increase in courier charges this year will be taken as excess profit.

[유성욱 / 전국택배노조 CJ대한통운 본부장 : 회사 CJ는 올해 사회적 합의로 인상한 요금 170원과 내년 인상 예정인 100원을 택배 노동자들의 처우 개선에 모두 사용해야 한다는 게 노동조합의 일관된 요구입니다.]

The union members also urged CJ to withdraw, saying that the standard delivery service contract contains provisions that encourage overwork, such as same-day delivery and six-day week system.

In response, CJ countered that the provisions did not exceed the ’60-hour workweek’ agreed upon by labor and management, and that the delivery fee was paid to the drivers by half regardless of the extent of the increase.

While the positions of both sides are running parallel, it is an observation from inside and outside the delivery industry that the possibility of a nationwide delivery disruption is small.

This is because the strike force is only 8.5% of the 20,000 CJ ​​courier drivers.

However, it is estimated that about 20% of CJ Korea Express’s total volume will not be delivered normally, so logistical disruptions during the year-end and New Year holidays are unavoidable.

This is YTN Haeri Yoon.

YTN Haeri Yoon ([email protected])

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