[사회]Disclosure of real name in hand letter… Victim’s side of Park Won-soon “requires accusation and discipline for spreaders”


The late Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon’s sexual harassment victim sued the police for the fact that a handwritten letter sent to Mayor Park while he was in office was disclosed without permission along with his real name.

Civic groups have filed a complaint with the National Human Rights Commission of Korea, claiming that the human rights violations of victims are serious.

Reporter Park Hee-jae reports.


On the 23rd, three handwritten photos posted on Facebook.

Along with the birthday celebration, there are phrases expressing gratitude and affection, and contents that we are sad to not see for a long time because of our overseas tour.

This is a letter sent to Mayor Park, when a sexual harassment victim of the late Mayor Park Won-soon served in Seoul.

Min-woong Kim, an advisory committee member at Citizen’s University in Seoul, and Kyung-guk Min, a former Seoul personnel planning secretary, each revealed their personal accounts.

They said the victim was making a one-sided argument and posted a post to refute it.

The victims strongly criticized this.

Even the victim’s family is threatened with daily life, such as receiving confirmation calls from acquaintances.

It was less than 15 days since the Seoul Metropolitan Government announced its countermeasures to eradicate sexual harassment.

[배진경 / 한국여성노동자회 상임대표 : 12월 10일 서울시 성희롱 근절 특별대책에서 피해자, 신고인 신상보호를 강화할 것과 2차 피해 징계 규정 수립을 발표한 바 있다. 서울시는 즉각 피해자 신상 및 정보를 유출한 문제에 대해 고발 조치하고, 유출자를 징계하라!]

He then sued former secretary Min and Commissioner Kim to the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency.

[고미경 / 한국여성의전화 상임대표 : 경찰은 빠르게 유포될 수 있고 앞으로 계속 유출될 수 있는 피해자 자료에 대해 긴급 제동할 수 있도록 구속 수사하라!]

Civic groups also filed a complaint with the National Human Rights Commission of Korea, claiming that the public secretary of Min, etc., violated the private life of the victims through the disclosure of handwritten letters.

The results of the Human Rights Commission’s investigation into all of Park’s allegations of sexual harassment are expected to come out early next year.

This is YTN Park Hee-jae.

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