[사회]Even the blood letter of’please save’… self-employed people “conduct business from the 15th”


Although the government has decided to announce a plan to adjust social distancing after the Lunar New Year holiday, self-employed people still resist.

There was a rally to urge the lifting of the collective ban and compensation for losses, and some business sectors even announced enforcement of business against government policies.

Reporter Park Seo-kyung reports.


Shred the business license and business license and throw them in the trash,

You can even hear blood letters that say’Save me’ and’Reward’.

“Can’t you see this blood, self-employed person, this dead and living? It’s Corona”

Business owners who were included in the banned business due to Corona 19, such as entertainment restaurants and tanran pubs, also appeared on the street and held a demonstration.

They would like to allow them to resume business even now, but if it is difficult, they demanded that the damage range be confirmed.

He expressed his voice that it is more important than anything else that the compensation for losses will not end only in discussion, but also passed by law.

[김기준 / 상봉동 업주 : 국가가 국민의 재산권인 자영업을 강제로 집합 금지해놓고 거기에서 오는 손실금을 국가가 지급하지 않는 건 부당하다고 하겠습니다.]

Some self-employed business owners made a statement saying that they will ignore the quarantine regulations on the 15th, when the holiday ends.

Unlike the non-metropolitan area, the 9 p.m. business restriction is maintained in the metropolitan area, and the damage is severe.

In particular, he complained that unlike other countries that compensate for 7 to 80% of sales, there is no compensation for cooperation in quarantine.

[오성영 / 전국헬스클럽관장협회장 : 버티는 데도 한계가 왔고, 외국처럼 7~80%가 아니더라도 넉 달째 쉬는 건데 피해 금액 50%라도 진행을 해줬으면….]

Although the government has promised to adjust the distance and reorganize the quarantine guidelines after the Lunar New Year holiday, self-employed people are only getting louder and louder.

This is YTN Park Seo-kyung.

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