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[사회]’Flesh ice’ to go to school… Discussion about ‘prevention pass’ for teenagers

by news dir


Kindergartens, elementary, middle, and high schools across the country started full school today.

It has regained its former appearance after almost two years since the Corona 19 incident, but the anxiety is still there as the number of confirmed students continues to increase.

This is reporter Shin Hyun-joon.


The first day of normal school recovery.

Students wearing masks enter the school gate one after another.

I have been taking distance classes by year, taking turns, and all grades in the metropolitan area have started going to school.

School attendance has returned to the way it used to be, but quarantine is still thorough.

The entrance is different depending on the grade level.

“Come here for the second year. The first year will be the same…”

At the entrance, we check body temperature as well as self-diagnosis.

Parents are concerned about the increasing number of confirmed cases.

In the last week, the average number of confirmed students per day was 376, which is increasing after the gradual recovery of daily life.

[엄현정 / 초등학생 학부모 (서울 용산구 용문동) : 한꺼번에 전면등교랑 논술이랑 아이들이 바깥에 한꺼번에 몰리는 것 같아가지고. 우려스러워서….]

However, the daily restoration of school is essential for bridging the educational gap and restoring children’s emotions.

[유은혜 / 부총리 겸 교육부 장관 : 등교를 통해서 학교생활을 온전하게 회복하는 걸 통해서 빠르게 아이들에게 어려움을 극복할 수 있도록….]

To this end, we have also changed the quarantine guidelines so that students who have been vaccinated can go to school even if their family is quarantined or confirmed.

[김창수 / 휘봉고 교장 : 가능한 1~2학년 학생들은 코로나 백신을 맞을 수 있으니까 백신을 맞도록 그렇게 하고 있고….]

Education authorities are also discussing applying the ‘Quarantine Pass’ to teenagers when entering and exiting large-scale events or multi-use facilities.

My name is Hyunjun Shin from YTN.

YTN Hyunjun Shin ([email protected])

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