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[사회]From today, restaurants and cafes are limited to 9 pm … Private gatherings are partially relaxed

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The current social distancing, which is level 4 in the metropolitan area and level 3 in non-metropolitan areas, has been extended by two more weeks from today to the 5th of next month.

However, some things such as business hours and rules for private gatherings are different.

Reporter Kim Mun-kyung reports the relevant information.


First of all, restaurants and cafes in the metropolitan area are limited to 9:00 pm.

In the previous stage 4, it was possible to open until 10 pm, but it was shortened by one hour.

This is because the cluster infection rate is relatively high.

[손영래 / 중앙사고수습본부 사회전략반장 : (식당 카페는) 한 30% 정도, 집단 감염의 비중을 차지하고 있다는 점(을 고려해서)…. 좀 불가피하게 한 시간 정도 영업시간을 제한하도록 조치하게 됐습니다.]

However, private gatherings, which were limited to two people after 6 pm, were partially relaxed in line with the vaccination rate.

Accordingly, up to 4 people, including 2 people who have completed the vaccination, are allowed to use restaurants and cafes after 14 days of immunity formation after the second vaccination.

Convenience store catering is however a bit more limited.

No food can be eaten inside the convenience store or at outdoor tables after 9pm in Level 4 and after 10pm in Level 3

In addition, regular PCR testing is mandatory for those who work in public baths, indoor sports facilities, singing practices, and private institutes, which are at high risk of infection.

Prime Minister Kim Bu-gyeom ordered thorough quarantine measures from each ministry and local government, saying that the quarantine response for the next two weeks is a watershed in overcoming the fourth epidemic.

This is YTN Kim Moon-kyung.

YTN Kim Moon-kyung ([email protected])

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