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[사회]Group infection of flower wholesalers … Spread of 2,000 people for three days ahead of recovery of daily life

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A cluster of COVID-19 infections occurred at a flower wholesale shop in Seoul Express Bus Terminal, and about 40 people were confirmed.

The cluster infection continued across the country, resulting in more than 2,000 new patients, and the spread is in the 2,000 range for the third day in a row.

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All the flower shops in a row were closed.

A cluster infection of Corona 19 occurred at a flower wholesale market in Seoul Express Bus Terminal.

Since the first case on the 25th, it was confirmed that about 40 people, including employees and customers, were infected.

For quarantine management, the shopping mall has decided to close until the 7th of the next month.

At a nursing hospital in Gangbuk-gu, Seoul, the cumulative number of patients reached 19 within three days of the first confirmed case on the 26th.

The number of new confirmed cases seemed to have stabilized at the 1,000 level since the 8th, but as this group infection continues, it is recording the 2,000 level for three days in a row.

[정은경 / 질병관리청장 : 이번 주는 확진자가 전주보다 약 30% 가까이 증가하고 있는 상황입니다. 특히, 60대 이상 고령층에서의 확진자가 많아지고 있고….]

As quarantine measures were eased from the 18th, anticipation for the recovery of daily life increased, and the quarantine tension seems to have eased.

As a result, social contact has increased and the weather is getting colder and indoor activities have increased as the cause of the spread of infection.

[김경우 / 인제대 백병원 가정의학과 교수 : 겨울철이 되면 추우니까 환기를 잘 안 하시게 되면 감염 위험도가 3배 이상 높다는 연구도 있기 때문에 아마 겨울철이 되면서 그만큼 밀폐된 실내환경에 노출되시는 경우가 많은 것 같고요.]

There is also a forecast that up to 5,000 patients a day can occur if the phased daily recovery starts in November.

However, the government is planning to push ahead with the daily recovery roadmap as scheduled by expanding the number of beds and increasing the number of at-home treatment.

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