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[사회]’Han River Park Missing’ University student, dead after 5 days…”Signature investigation”

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A college student who disappeared at Banpo Hangang Park in Seoul on the 25th,

As the father made an appeal and became known, there were many people who wished to find the sightings of many people one after another.

Unfortunately, it was found dead in a river near where he went missing.

Reporter Park Ki-wan reports.


University student Son Jung-min was found at a point less than 100m from where he last spent time with a friend before his disappearance.

It was found dead in a river five days after we lost contact.

The check shirt and black pants they were wearing at the time of disappearance were the same.

On the dawn of the 25th, Son fell asleep while drinking at the Han River Park with a friend.

The last testimony that I saw the two together was around 3:30 am,

Afterwards, my friend went home alone at around 4:20 in the morning, and Son’s deeds ceased.

As Son’s father’s fierce appeal became known, many people prayed and cheered, and a search took place in six days.

Son’s parents said they had nothing to wish if they could only hold their son once.

Even with a desperate wind, my son eventually came back with a cold corpse.

However, it is not known exactly how Son fell into the river.

The police will discuss the autopsy with the bereaved family and confirm the exact cause of death and what happened before death.

YTN Park Ki-wan[[email protected]]is.

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