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[사회]Jeong-in was sentenced to life in prison for the first trial of wool…

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Jeong-in, who was handed over to the trial on charges of abusing and killing her 16-month-old adopted child, Jeong-in, sentenced her to life in prison for the first instance court being a crime against humanity.

The front of the court was full of protesters, and they cheered when the sentence was issued.

Reporter Jung Hyun-woo.


The first trial sentence was held 7 months after Jung In-i died.

The court sentenced the mother-in-law of Wool to life imprisonment, the highest sentence in the court.

He admitted to murder and child abuse and lethal charges.

On the day of his death, Mr. Jang said that he stepped on Jung In’s belly several times with his feet, which was not already in normal places due to routine abuse.

He pointed out that it was predictable enough that the child would die.

He then revealed the reason for the sentence that Mr. Jang, who trampled on human values ​​stipulated in the Constitution, must be isolated from society indefinitely.

He also mentioned that the child, who had been cruelly abused after adoption, amid repeated indifference and cold treatment, may have suffered excruciating pain and fear until the last minute of his life.

Her adoptive wife, Ahn Mo, was sentenced to five years in prison and imprisoned in court.

The judge accused Ahn of making it absurd to claim that he was unaware of his wife’s routine assault.

He explained the reason for the sentence, saying that he was insensitive to the life of the child who was disappearing after only looking at his wife’s feelings.

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When the sentence was over, Yang Mo Jang cried with his head bowed, and Yang’s wife Ahn took a short breath.

I thought about my first daughter and asked her to avoid arrest, but the court refused to accept it.

Before the sentence, the front of the court was full of protesters from all over the country.

She cheered when she was sentenced to life imprisonment,

They also protested that the five-year sentence imposed on their adoptive father was too weak.

[최하나 / 경기 수원시 광교1동 : 양부 안 씨가 5년형밖에 받지 못했다는 게 정말 통한스럽고 속상한 부분이 있습니다.]

It is said that Jung In-yi’s adoptive parents are reviewing the appeal.

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