[사회]Kim Hye-kyung’s ‘Corporate Card Doubts’ Collection Up coming 7 days…


The summary of the investigation into the alleged misuse of company playing cards bordering Kim Hye-kyung, the spouse of Democratic Celebration lawmaker Lee Jae-myung, will occur out up coming 7 days.

As the election of Democratic Bash leader Lee Jae-myung is probably tomorrow (28th), controversy is predicted just after the effects of the police investigation are declared.

Correspondent Track Jae-in studies.


From the push conference for an apology to the spouses of the ruling party’s presidential candidates held in the center of the presidential election,

[김혜경 / 더불어민주당 이재명 의원 배우자 (지난 2월) : 공과 사의 구분을 분명히 해야 했는데 제가 많이 부족했습니다. 제가 져야 할 책임은 마땅히 지겠습니다.]

An substantial look for and seizure of more than 120 destinations, and even a witness who quickly created an serious choice right after a law enforcement investigation.

The law enforcement investigation into the alleged misuse of corporate playing cards by Kim Hye-kyung, the spouse of Democratic Social gathering lawmaker Lee Jae-myung, which has hardly ever ceased to be controversial, has last but not least appear to an conclude.

Following completing the investigation of the suspect Kim Hye-kyung, on the 30th, the law enforcement determined to transfer the case to the prosecution in the next 50 % of future 7 days immediately after looking at if the assistant secretary Bae was arrested.

The repercussions are inevitable as it is right after the Democratic National Conference that Agent Lee Jae-myung is possible to be elected.

[이재명 / 더불어민주당 의원 (지난 3일) : 가장 심각한 국기 문란입니다. (검찰과 경찰이) 대놓고 정치 개입하겠다는 것 아닙니까?]

With the prosecution only getting a 7 days to look into the circumstance thanks to the impending statute of constraints, a total-scale workshop is anticipated to continue in courtroom.

Kim Hye-kyung’s selection of accusations is also of fascination.

The police feel it would have been challenging to ‘use corporate cards’ for a prolonged time with out Mr Kim’s guidelines or tacit approval, so a charge of negligent instructors is anticipated to be implemented.

An estimated 20 million employs have been obtained.

On the other hand, the lawmaker Lee Jae-myung’s aspect argues that the sum specifically linked to Kim is about 1.8 million won.

In the situation of offering meals through very last year’s presidential election, the police are in a place wherever the charge of violating the Public Official Election Act can be used as Kim Hye-kyung was current, when Consultant Lee Jae-myung was declare that Kim did that. you should not know about the payment.

The police believe that there is home for dispute, despite the fact that it is weaker than the two earlier charges about Kim Hye-kyung’s substitute prescription.

When the investigation into the alleged misuse of a corporate card is finished, the conclusions of the investigation involving Agent Lee Jae-myung, including the suspected development favoritism of Baekhyun-dong, are predicted to be introduced just one just after the other.

This is Track Jae-in from YTN.

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