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[사회]Kim Kyung-soo’s Supreme Court sentenced this week… What is the fateful issue?

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Gyeongnam Governor Kim Kyung-soo, who was charged with taking part in the so-called ‘Drooking Comment Manipulation Case’, will be sentenced by the Supreme Court this week.

If two years in prison sentenced in the second trial is confirmed, not only will you lose your governorship, but you will also lose your qualifications to run for a while.

Reporter Na Hye-in pointed out the issues that will determine the political life of Governor Kim.


Gyeongnam Governor Kim Kyung-soo’s charges are largely summarized as illegal comment manipulation and violation of the Election Act.

Heo Ik-beom’s Special Prosecutor’s Team judges that during the last presidential election, Kim Dong-won and his party ‘Drooking’ and the comment manipulation program ‘King Crab’ manipulated public opinion and offered the post of Consul General in Sendai, Japan in exchange for continuing until the local elections.

The charge of manipulating comments was found guilty in both the first and second counts and was sentenced to two years in prison, and the charge of violating the election law was found guilty in the first count and overturned to not guilty in the second count.

[김경수 / 경남지사 (지난해 11월 2심 선고 직후) : 저로서는 도저히 납득할 수 없는 판결입니다. 진실의 절반만 밝혀진 셈입니다.]

Governor Kim, who appealed to the allegation of manipulating comments to reveal the other half of the truth, is still arguing that he was not aware of the existence of ‘King Crab’.

In particular, it is criticized that the adjudication of evidence under the Criminal Procedure Act was not observed in the process of judgment of the appellate court, which concluded that it was certain that they had seen the demonstration.

Although there is a discrepancy between the King Crab connection record and the movement of Governor Kim, the argument is that the court chose only the Drooking side statement.

The special prosecutor appealed against the charge of violating the Public Official Election Act, which was overturned to acquittal in the second trial.

Although it is clear that Governor Kim conspired to continue the cooperative relationship with Drooking from the presidential election to the local elections, the lower court’s ruling that it was not a violation of the Election Act on the grounds that the candidate was not identified was contrary to the purpose of the legislation.

Based on the arguments of both sides, the Supreme Court decides whether there was an error in the second trial judgment process, which was divided between guilty and not guilty, and confirms or reverses the original judgment.

As there are two charges, there are four cases. Above all, if the charge of manipulating comments, which was sentenced to death, is not overturned, Governor Kim, who is on bail, cannot avoid re-incarceration.

You will lose your governorship, of course, and you will not be able to run for elections for five years after serving your sentence.

The Supreme Court sentence that will decide the fate of Governor Kim will be issued on Wednesday this week on the 21st.

This is Na Hye-in from YTN.

YTN Na Hye-in ([email protected])

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