[사회]Korea’s first COVID-19 antibody treatment was born…”Vulnerable to mutant virus”


For the first time in Korea, the use of COVID-19 antibody treatment was approved.

In addition to the expectation of securing a treatment in the coronavirus pandemic, it is being pointed out that it is not very effective because it is vulnerable to mutant viruses.

Reporter Kim Sang-woo on the report.


It is Celltrion’s antibody treatment’Rekironaju’, which is made by separating the antibody from the plasma of a cure for Corona 19 and then recombining it.

The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety held a meeting attended by experts from inside and outside the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, and approved the use of’Recyronaju’.

[김강립 /식품의약품안전처장 : 12월31일까지 3상 임상시험 결과를 제출하는 것을 조건으로 허가하는 것을 결정했습니다.]

Although the conditions for submitting the results of phase 3 were attached, according to the published data, the incidence of severely ill patients requiring hospitalization was reduced by 54%, and the recovery period was also reduced by 3 days or more.

The subject of administration is limited to mild to moderate adult patients with high risk of COVID-19 with cardiovascular disease, etc.

As a result, Rekkironaju became the first approved COVID-19 treatment drug in Korea.

In the world, it is the third corona19 antibody treatment approved by regulatory authorities after treatments such as Eli Lilly.

However, some of the experts point out that the published clinical data are insufficient and that the efficacy and effectiveness of the antibody therapy itself is not significant.

In phase 3 clinical trials, if a drug is effective in phase 2, the effect is usually verified in a large number of patients.

There are also opinions that it can be poisonous, especially for mutant virus patients.

[방지환 /국립중앙의료원 중앙감염병병원 운영센터장(지난 2일 한국과학기자협회 토론회) : 바이러스가 계속 변이가 생기면 변이된 바이러스에 의해서도 기존에 만들어진 중화항체가 중화항체의 역할을 제대로 못하고 오히려 변이 바이러스가 사람 몸에 침입하는 것을 더 쉽게 만드는…]

In Korea, patients with mutant virus infections that have a much stronger spread than the initial corona19 virus group have been discovered one after another, and authorities are struggling to stop the spread.

This is YTN Kim Sang-woo.

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