[사회]On Christmas Eve, city center excursions are ‘overcrowded’… At this time, Myeong-dong Street in Seoul


After 3 years, Christmas Eve has come without social geolidugi.

Excursions are said to continue to visit all over the city including the streets of Myeong-dong in Seoul before Christmas.

A reporter is on the scene. Reporter Kim Tae-win!


Yes, this is Myeongdong Street in Seoul.


There are many people coming and going behind reporter Kim.


As Christmas Eve approaches in earnest, the streets of Myeong-dong are full of picnickers.

As it gets dark, lights come on on the trees and the trees on the street, adding to the excitement of Christmas.

It is very different from the scenes of the middle of Christmas last year, which was quiet following Corona 19.

Many people also flocked to Hongdae Street, a popular spot for young people.

Let’s listen directly to the voices of citizens who went on an outing with their friends.

[양서윤 / 서울 화곡동 : 밥 먹고 사진도 찍고 카페도 가려고요. 카페 가서 인생 샷도 찍고, 트리 앞에서 친구들이랑 좋은 추억 만들 수 있어서 좋아요.]

As so many people flock to the city centre, there are concerns about safety accidents.

Police predicted 500,000 people will visit 37 national attractions between Christmas Eve today and dawn tomorrow, including Myeongdong Street.

In response, the plan is to deploy around 1,000 police officers, including eight riot police, and install security fences on the streets in front of Hongik University, where crowds gather, to separate traffic lines and prevent accidental overcrowding.

Local governments have also taken action.

For three days starting on the 20th, the city of Seoul conducted on-site inspections of Myeong-dong, Hongdae, and Itaewon, where crowds were a concern, and cleared icy roads and pedestrian obstacles.

In particular, Jung-gu, Seoul, is expected to attract 400,000 people in Myeong-dong alone today (24th), and plans to deploy 40 security officers at night to direct traffic and control vehicles.

In addition, about 300 street vendors on Myeongdong Street have decided to close today, saying they are worried about safety accidents by blocking citizens’ traffic.

Christmas weekend to make precious memories with family, friends and lovers.

As hundreds of thousands of people are crowded around the central areas of the country, I would like you to pay special attention to safety accidents.

So far, we have introduced it on the streets of Myeong-dong, Seoul.

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