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[사회]Prosecutors ask for Kim Man-bae’s warrant again, ‘Django’… Difficulty in proving bribery charges

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Prosecutors investigating the allegation of Daejang-dong are struggling to re-apply for an arrest warrant for key suspect Kim Man-bae.

There is no change in the policy of securing new recruits, but it is not possible to request a warrant in haste because it has been rejected once, and it appears to be in a dilemma.

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What is the reason for the continued delay in requesting a warrant for Mr. Kim?


There is a burden that a warrant for reclaiming must be issued, but it seems that they are experiencing difficulties in proving the charges.

After the first arrest warrant was dismissed on the 14th, the prosecution called Kim five times for investigation.

Called three times this week alone.

Because of this, observations continued that a warrant re-application was imminent, and prosecutors did not deny the possibility, but in the end, the weekend ended with no results.

It seems that they are having difficulty proving charges of bribery as well as breaches that were not included in the indictment of former general manager Yoo Dong-gyu.

The allegation of promising 70 billion won in profits from the development of Daejang-dong to Yoo was caught up to the circumstances of discussing a specific delivery method, but it seems that they have not yet secured any key material evidence other than the so-called ‘Transcript of Jeong Young-hak’.

The allegation that the 5 billion won severance pay received by Kwak Sang-do’s son was a bribe has also not been revealed.

Assemblyman Kwak’s son has called twice for investigation, but the investigation has not yet been conducted.

Separately, the prosecution is also looking into the circumstances of Kim’s large-scale financial transaction with a high-ranking media company.

This person was previously designated as one of the six members of the so-called ‘5 billion club’ that Rep. Park Soo-young of the People’s Power revealed at the National Assembly.

However, it is reported that Kim Man-bae’s side was in the position that the money was normally lent regardless of the Daejang-dong business, and he also used a loan certificate and was repaid in no time.

Prosecutors plan to summon several witnesses even on the weekend and focus on reinforcing evidence to refute Mr. Kim’s claim, which denies all charges.

A prosecution official said that the timing is difficult to predict, but there seems to be no change in the policy of securing new recruits for key figures such as Kim and Nam-wook.

So far, it has been delivered by the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office.

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