[사회]Prosecutors seek prison sentence for former professional basketball player Ki Seung-ho for ‘assaulting juniors’

Prosecutors have requested a prison sentence for former professional basketball player Ki Seung-ho, who struck and injured his junior during a dinner party.

Prosecutors have requested a sentence of one year and six months in prison at the trial on charges of injury against Ki Seung-ho at the Seoul Central District Court.

In his final statement, Ki said he bowed his head and apologized to the younger players and their families who suffered damage, saying that he lost everything and left the last page of his career.

The lawyer also said that Mr. Ki drank a lot and made a mistake, and he is reflecting, and appealed to take into account the fact that he had already been expelled.

Ki was handed over to trial on charges of assaulting a junior player, Jang Jae-seok, while drunk at a dinner party held at the team dormitory on April 26, breaking the bones around his eyes, resulting in 5 weeks of dislocation.

The court is scheduled to hold a sentencing hearing on January 11, next year.

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