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[사회]Red flames…Jeju offshore wind turbine fire

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Today (8th), a holiday, there were fires in various places, such as a fire from a wind turbine on the coast of Jeju.

Several wild boars appeared in the Daejeon apartment complex, and reports from residents were surprised.

Reporter Park Hee-jae reports the news of the incident.


In the dark early morning sky, red flames rise from the center of a frozen wind turbine.

A fire broke out from a wind turbine installed offshore in front of Dumopo-gu, Hangyeong-myeon, Jeju-do.

Due to the height of the generator over 70m, the coastal patrol boat struggled to evolve.

After dawn, it was put into a helicopter and turned off after 3 hours of reporting, and no one was injured.

In one corner of the tunnel, the front of the vehicle was engulfed in flames.

“There was a fire in the tunnel. If you are evacuating through the emergency route, please be aware of the opposite vehicle.”

A vehicle running inside the Sapaesan Tunnel in the direction of Ilsan on the 1st Beltway Expressway caught fire.

No one was injured as four members of the family in the car evacuated quickly.

Part of the tunnel section was controlled to rectify the accident, which at one time resulted in severe congestion.

In Daejeon, there was also a commotion of wild boars appearing in apartment complexes.

When a wild boar appeared in an apartment-dense area, there were reports of surprised residents.

Rescuers who were reported and dispatched killed one wild boar in the basement of the apartment, but the other two escaped.

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