[사회]’Second Jung-in’s case’ possibility … “Strong price to rupture the large intestine” Acknowledged intentional murder

Three-year-old abused to death… “Strong price rupture of the boss”
On the day of the accident, he was arrested on charges of child abuse and child abuse.
Request for appraisal of household items… Applied for neglect and abuse of father


An autopsy revealed that the stepmother, who recently abused and killed her three-year-old stepson, deliberately killed her by hitting her on the abdomen as in the ‘Jeong In case’ a year ago.

The police applied the charges of child abuse and murder under the ‘Jeong In Yi Act’, which can punish a stepmother with the maximum death penalty, and handed it over to the prosecution.

Reporter Hyerin Kim reports.


16-month-old Jeong-in died last year after being abused by her adoptive parents.

At the time of death, it was revealed that Jeong In-i died of abdominal damage caused by a strong external shock.

At that time, the forensic scientist who assessed the cause of death estimated that the child was immobilized and photographed by stepping on the boat or using a chair.

A year later, another three-year-old child passed away.

As a result of the autopsy, it was also revealed that the rupture of the rectum caused by the strong price appeared to be fatal.

The 33-year-old stepmother, Lee, was arrested on the day of the accident on charges of child abuse and murder, but the police applied a more serious charge and sent it to the prosecution.

The police determined that the murder was intentional, considering that the deceased child suffered fatal injuries that could not have been caused by a fall and that the stepmother before and after the crime revealed her feelings through an SNS conversation with an acquaintance.

Accordingly, we have decided to apply the child abuse and murder charges of the so-called ‘Jung-in Lee Act’, which has been in effect since March of this year.

A person who abuses and kills a child faces the maximum death penalty, life imprisonment, or imprisonment of at least seven years.

Stepmother Lee, during a police investigation, stated that she drank alcohol on the day of the accident and did not remember the abuse.

Also, about the bruises found on the body of the child who died, it was explained that the child was unconscious and pinched to wake him up.

The police have requested a genetic analysis of household items found broken in the house to reveal the exact method of the crime.

The police also applied charges of neglect and abuse to the child’s biological father, A.

It was investigated that Mr. A was neglected even after knowing that Mr. Lee, who had been complaining of financial difficulties and parenting stress, had been habitually punishing children.

The police added an abuse charge based on the mother’s statement that in the past, Mr. A pushed the child out of the bed with his feet and made him fall from a height of 40 cm.

As soon as the results of the autopsy report on the deceased child come out, the police will additionally check the timing of the abuse and whether tools were used.

This is YTN Kim Hye-rin.

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