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[사회]Sky grayed by high concentration of fine dust… Emergency reduction measures in 5 cities

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All over the country, the ultrafine dust concentration was maintained at a ‘very bad’ level all day, and the sky was cloudy throughout.

Emergency measures to reduce fine dust have been issued in Seoul, the metropolitan area and Chungcheong Province.

Reporter Park Hee-jae reports.


View of downtown Seoul from Namsan Mountain.

It was like a mist, and the whole area was covered with gray dust.

In the morning, visibility in the Seoul area is about 4 km, which is about 1/5 of the usual.

On a clear day, the 63 Building in Yeouido is visible from the Namsan Observatory.

Now, it is difficult to even understand the location of the building because the view is obscured by fine dust.

Even on weekends, the city streets with a lot of floating population are quiet as ultrafine dust that penetrates the mask is rampant.

[김선례 / 경기 수원시 화서동 : 안경 써도 (눈이) 따가운 것 같고요. 마스크 썼는데도, 먼지가 좀 들어가는 느낌이 약간 있어요.]

[함승민 / 서울시 목동 : 아침에 자고 일어났을 때 목이 좀 아프다든지, 전반적으로 하루에 물을 많이 마시게 된다든지 그런 건 좀 있는 것 같아요.]

The concentration of ultrafine dust in the metropolitan area and other parts of the country showed a ‘very bad’ level, and other regions maintained a ‘bad’ level throughout.

The Ministry of Environment raised the ultrafine dust crisis alert to the ‘interest’ level in the metropolitan area and Chungcheong area and implemented emergency fine dust reduction measures from 6 am to 9 pm.

Accordingly, coal power plants in each region and workplaces that emit a large amount of fine dust have reduced operating hours, and local governments have mobilized additional workers on weekends to introduce dust-suction vehicles.

[이원기 / 서울 양천구청 청소행정과 : 미세먼지 저감조치가 발령돼서 비상근무차 출근하게 됐고요. 조금 전에 미세먼지 분진 작업 차량 한 차례 운행 마쳤고, 잠시 후에 또 한 차례 운행 나갈 예정입니다.]

As it rains and strong winds blow across the country from night, the concentration of ultrafine dust is expected to recover to the ‘low’ level.

This is YTN Park Hee-jae.

YTN Park Hee-jae ([email protected])

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