[사회]Starting today, Seoul middle and high school distance classes…”Proceed as usual class schedule”


For two weeks starting today, all classes in all grades of middle and high schools in Seoul have been switched remotely.

Elementary, middle, and high schools in Gyeonggi-do and Incheon, where social distancing has been upgraded to 2.5 levels, should limit the number of attendance to one-third.

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Is the morning class over now?


4th class After the morning class was over, lunch time started a while ago.

Even if students take distance classes, class hours are run as usual in order to maintain the same rhythm of life as when they attend school.

Children have to eat lunch at home and take the 5th class remote class again from 12:25.

If it is conducted remotely, the concentration of the students will inevitably decrease, so the teacher checks attendance every hour.

In this school, even if there are no students, the teacher conducts classes in the classroom, and it is the principle of interactive communication.

Even after the announcement that all classes in all grades of middle and high schools in Seoul will be converted to distance classes by the 20th, the teachers said they were not greatly shaken.

It’s because I’ve gotten used to the distance class and face-to-face class together.

However, for quality classes similar to face-to-face classes, most of them prepared classes with the weekends returned.

In the wake of the corona 19 crisis that has been going on for nearly a year, both teachers and students have already become familiar with online classes.

However, as the reason for the existence of the school is the students, it was a common opinion that we hoped that the old days of taking classes together would return.


In the midst of this, as the social distancing in the metropolitan area is upgraded to 2.5 levels from tomorrow, the number of attendances has been limited, right?


Starting tomorrow, kindergartens and elementary, middle, and high schools in the metropolitan area will be limited to less than a third of the number of attendance.

In the non-metropolitan area, which has been upgraded to the second stage, the number of attendance at kindergarten, elementary school, and junior high school must be one-third in principle, and high schools must keep less than two-thirds.

However, depending on the region or school conditions, kindergarten and elementary and junior high schools may increase the number of attendance to less than two-thirds of the number of students.

The Ministry of Education also guided each school to adjust the evaluation schedule and plan to ensure that student evaluations and records at the end of the semester proceed smoothly.

In addition, each city and provincial office of education repeatedly urged each city and provincial office of education to prevent gaps in education or gaps in care due to the expansion of distance classes.

Along with this, as social distancing has been upgraded to step 2.5, the operation of private institutes among general management facilities will be completely stopped.

There was no content ban on the academy in the 2.5 quarantine measures proposed by the government earlier, but these measures were added to reduce the going out of students on vacation.

However, classes for college entrance examinations are allowed considering the college entrance examination schedule for the 2021 school year.

In addition, vocational competency development training courses that have been entrusted with the Minister of Employment and Labor or that have been approved for courses are also excluded from the collective ban.

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